President Trump is still the single most influential figure among the GOP’s grassroots during the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).

The four-day event concluded in Orlando, Florida, showcasing the growing star power of Republican leaders such as Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and the conservative movement’s continued fixation on culture war issues ahead of the 2022 midterm elections.

The nation’s most prominent right-wing pundits and politicians were all present in the said event, as a result, many of the featured speakers this week have shared harsh criticism of the Biden administration.

Donald Trump Jr. stole the show after his sights on Joe Biden, but he also had some choice words for Biden’s ne’er-do-well son Hunter.

The event started with a fierce denunciation of the White House’s response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. From there, President Trump offered a grim preview of the Biden regime in general.

More details of this report from The Daily Mail:

‘Think about how things are going right now,’ he said. ‘That the administration that currently is in charge wanted to put together a program to hand out crack pipes.’

‘Because you’d have to be on crack to think that they’re doing a good job, right?’ he said.

‘At least they’ve got a program Hunter could be in charge of,’ he added, to laughs.

The former first son then repeated points his father made during his primetime CPAC address Saturday night – that Putin stayed in line because of President Trump’s strength.

‘You know the first thing a bully does? He takes advantage of the weak and infirm,’ Trump Jr. said, pointing to Biden.

‘All you have to do is watch him walk up a flight of stairs,’ Trump Jr. added.

Younger Trump just made it clear to his father’s successor, the incompetence and weak leadership of old Joe brings more problems to America. Much of his criticism has come in the form of tweets.

He’s not the only prominent Republican to lambaste the Biden administration for its weak approach to the Ukraine crisis.

Many in the GOP say Biden should have acted sooner to thwart an invasion. CNN gives us more details of this report:

Key Republican voices from across Capitol Hill — who have been coordinating their messaging on the crisis in Ukraine — have been purposely measured in their criticism of President Joe Biden in the immediate wake of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, with top GOP lawmakers deliberately critiquing the President’s policy decisions as opposed to lobbing personal attacks, according to Republican sources familiar with the situation.

The thinking among key Republicans is that they want to put on a united front and show solidarity with Ukraine, and they don’t want to give any more ammunition to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Another reason they are calibrating their responses: Republicans want to send a clear signal to Biden that he would have bipartisan support if he were to move ahead with more punitive measures. While a bipartisan sanctions package stalled on Capitol Hill this month amid divisions over enacting preemptive sanctions, lawmakers are hoping to revive the issue when they return to Capitol Hill next week.

Below is a video clip of Trump’s recent remarks at CPAC.

Watch it here: RSBN/Youtube

Sources: WeLoveTrump, CNN, Daily Mail

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    Lying Corrupt Quid pro KING Joe should have acted sooner to thwart the invasion of the Ukraine? Is that before corrupt Quid Pro received the 3.5 million dollar check from the former Mayor of Moscow or after?


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