President Trump signs a new executive order that basically tells law enforcement to ENFORCE the laws that Obama told them to ignore.

Law and order, making a big comeback under Donald Trump! Obama let illegal immigrants slide through the system but that luxury is over with now. President Trump doesn’t have an issue with immigrants, per se. It’s the illegal part he, and all other conservatives are concerned with.

There is a right way to come into this country. Is it easy? No, but it’s legal. Get your citizenship, pay your taxes, don’t abuse the welfare, take English classes and respect the country that adopts you! We will welcome you with open arms! The accusation that Trump hates immigrants is just ignorant. Obviously he loves them, his wife is one… a legal one at that.


From News Politics:

President Trump’s orders allow immigration officials to deport all immigrants convicted of crimes, and on top of that all those that have not been charged yet but are suspected to have committed crimes with a good chance they will be charged.

This order affects roughly 8 million people. The left estimates the number of illegal immigrants here is 11.1 million. Trump and his advisors put the number at 30 million.

A White House Official said: “We’ve gone from a situation where ICE officers have no discretion to enhance public safety and their hands are totally tied, to allowing ICE officers to engage in preventative policing and to go after known public safety threats and stop terrible crimes from happening.”

Liberal democrats are completely against this, of course… Immigrants are where they get all of their votes from, the legal and illegal ones. That is except for the Cubans who seem to be more republican than anything. But look what Obama did to them, effective “immediately they will be subject to removal”.  I didn’t see any outrage then. Hypocrisy at it’s finest.

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  1. The Enforcer

    Absolutely, get rid of the illegal criminal scum. Make America great and safe again.


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