All this crying over who will really pay for the wall when the liberals are missing the big picture.

The wall will save BILLIONS!


From The Federalist Papers:

Brian Thomas reports that 65 countries are building or have already built border security walls, while American liberals adamantly oppose President Trump’s efforts to increase the effectiveness of U.S. efforts to block illegal immigration.

President Trump believes that immigrants must enter this country legally. Failure to recognize this allows easy access for criminals, gangs, and drugs.

Undocumented, illegal immigrants have no right to sneak into the U.S., and tighter security can accomplished through a U.S./Mexico border wall.

Leftists think these beliefs are racist and threaten American values.

Meanwhile, 65 other countries have taken similar measures to enhance border security.

Many doubt the effectiveness of such walls. If border security fences offer more sense of security than actual security, what new measures can help?

Parts of the U.S./Mexico border already have a fence, yet it has failed to stop the flow of drugs.

Today, there are 65 countries with walls protecting their borders, according to Quebec University expert Elisabeth Vallet.

The Daily Mail continues:

From Israel’s separation barrier (or ‘apartheid wall’ as it is known by the Palestinians), to the 2,500-mile barbed-wire fence India is building around Bangladesh, to the enormous sand ‘berm’ that separates Morocco from rebel-held parts of the Western Sahara – walls and fences are ever-more popular with politicians wanting to look tough on migration and security. …

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