A massacre happened in Las Vegas on Sunday night and liberals as well as the mainstream media are neglecting to present crucial information about the attacker.

50 people were murdered with the injured number passing 500 and the blame is once again placed on republicans and America’s ‘lack’ of gun control.

However, recent comments made by the family and acquaintances of the shooter are painting a very different picture.

Stephen Paddock was in no way a mass terrorist with any training in the field of weaponry and didn’t poses the proper income to legally finance the amount of ammunition and guns, not to mention a premium hotel at Mandalay Bay that he also managed to purchase.

Clearly liberals are incapable of providing factual information and instead revert to falsifying information for the sole purpose of tv ratings.

Via Federalist Papers:

At National Review, David French observes that despite suspected shooter Stephen Paddock possibly using an illegal fully-automatic weapon, reportedly having an arsenal of more than ten rifles, and holing up in a rented corner room with a setup sophisticated enough to have cameras to alert him to approaching police, his relatives claim Paddock had none of the firearms interest, expertise, or military background one would expect to find in someone who went to Paddock’s lengths to prepare this attack:

So, a person who’s “not a gun guy” has either expended untold thousands of dollars to legally purchase fully-automatic weapons, somehow found them on the black market, or purchased and substantially modified multiple semi-automatic weapons — and did so with enough competence to create a sustained rate of fire. This same person also spent substantial sums purchasing just the right hotel room to maximize casualties. I cannot think of a single other mass shooter who went to this level of expense and planning in the entire history of the United States.

And there was no real warning? His family was unaware? His brother also reported that the shooter had no meaningful political or religious affiliations. “He just hung out.” At the same time, however, there are reports that a woman told a group of concert-goers, “You’re all going to die tonight.”


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  1. Brian

    Can you just drop the BS and realize that there are over 1,000 (way above that) that have been and will be affected by this in one way or another. Please people…..FOCUS.

  2. fa u stina

    His “girlfriend” is married to a left wing liberal. There is your finance.

  3. Tonya Chambers

    This is too coincidental to the crap with NFL too many unanswered but immediately answered by media way more to this. Comments by liberal left too much.

  4. MA in MO

    I agree, there is plenty of stuff not adding up right now. I will, however, wait until the final review is done and published and go from there.

  5. Darlene Kesterson

    Where do you want the focus to be Brian? Things don’t add up I don’t care which way you are looking!

  6. Cody

    He may have been dead right after he walked into room. If he did not have the skill set to do this then who did? Who had the machine shop to mill out the receiver to make an AR full auto? This is somethibg the average American cannot do. If he was going to shoot himself when the cops broke into the room then why have cameras to see them coming? Why not just wait until they breach the door? This sounds like a professional job not just some joe smo

    • Tony

      What you said it rings true! It’s funny how quick they solve this crimes, when in reality it takes a long, long time. But all of a sudden the media has all the answers, almost immediately! It has been discussed that the Sandy Hook massacre was a hoax (you can see it in YouTube) but this massacre gives you an eerie feeling because the way it happened and that raises doubts about this guy being the only shooter. I personally think that he was a scapegoat for somebody else, especially somebody with the agenda to attack the 2nd amendment…..

    • Karen

      According to reports, he didn’t shoot himself until right when the legal team blew open the door. I listened to an audio clip and heard the gunshot he fired into himself just before the team gained entry.

  7. MontieR

    Another murderous dog and pony show brought to you by the demoncrat party. And their VILE statements support this. This NUTBAG was another deranged registered democrat. They want a “conversation” on common sense gun control yet they can’t have a lucid decent conversation on ANYTHING with ANYONE not completely agreeing with them. These ghouls couldn’t even wait for the blood to dry before they started DEMANDING the abolition of the second amendment. Gun control is their biggest LIE. It does NOT work, NEVER has NEVER will. How about we ban the liberal mental condition from the public square as EVERYTHING they demand becomes a shit storm and a disaster.

    • Lib

      You’re fucking stupid and part of what wrong with this country. All you dumb as fuck racists have zero ability to critically think or reseach. This site itself is a joke of fake news. You people are destroying this country with your dumb and your hate. You have all got it so wrong but you’re to stupid to realize it. No hope for you people. I’m done trying to explain it to you. The right is dead and invisible to me from now on. No money no help no nothing for you people. Time to let you parasites die out for good.

  8. Stephen

    How does someone sneak over 10 guns and that much ammo and other equipment past motel security and housekeeping?

    • Gosomer

      hotels don’t have metal detectors there is nobody searching your luggage and there is this weird little peace of cardboard aka DO NOT DISTURB sign that will keep housekeeping out of your room so actually pretty simple

  9. Ellen Leach

    Exactly Stephen, we said the same thing. This I am sure “leftie” took time and planned this ahead of time. experts on the liberals antics said this country will be attacked from the inside, to help liberals take over our country. there are some really demented people in this country and they are left wingers., they will stop at nothing

  10. Stephen Kimbrell

    Paddock had 23 guns in the room where he had been staying since Thursday.

    Hodge says it’s ‘unsettling’ to think he had been sleeping next to a room filled with guns and ammunition.

  11. Amanda

    It’s sickening to say the least! Someone wanted the heat off the NFL, Hilary wants to be president and gun control HMMM off course nothing about this nobody makes sense kinda reminds me of Sandy Hook.

  12. Marily Rodriguez

    He was a gun guy which is obvious and he had a lot of money because he owns a lot of properties. Antifa literature was found all over his house what else do you want to know that isn’t in your horrible article?

    • Jug

      His brother totally refutes that he was in any way, “a gun guy”!

      Something stinking in Denmark!

  13. John Fleming

    Bottom line- how did he avoid detection and being monitored- Is he really registered democrat? Is his black-american “Girlfriend” really married to a nutso lefty?

  14. Billy

    I,m sure he was a democrat maybe even a Trump hater, because when the media says things like lone wolf, or he had mental problems..then you know the shooter is a democrat, muslim or black..when the media says ..kkk member. white Supremacists, or right wing republicans…so they did not use any of those words…so the telling is in how they report a shooting..if he had been a Republican we all know it would be world news..put since it was not…they want to talk about gun control.. if a republican every shoots someone you will know..late night shows..every dam person in congress..the media all over the world will be talking about it and blaming it on Trump….this guy could have been a member of antifa, you can all most see the news reports wanting to brag..look at there faces..it is if they want to brag about the person and call him a hero..CNN or the late night shows.. just may start doing that….when they report he is a democrat..

  15. Janice Guess

    when all is really investigated and not by our FBI or DOJ they will find out That OBAMA arranged this horrible event and Killary helped we all know they did it we just need honest people to prove it how bout the IRS they might be able to follow the money and find were it goes but OBAMAs crew has been hiding money out of the country and in his daughters account and his mother in law they know how to arrange this stuff but the let Obama run loose

  16. Stephen Kimbrell

    So a guy with 23 guns, 1000’s of rounds of ammo, and was able to install his own surveillance equipment and housekeeping didn’t notice?

  17. roy noblin

    i see many remarks insinuating time will tell the motive and to let the investigation continue before making assumptions. well it’s been 54 years and we still assume Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone when he shot JFk but i still believe the DNC was behind it and believe they are behind this and other acts of terror. they own the media and we will never get the truth, only more blood shed of those who oppose them.

  18. Brian Brazil

    This was a set up paid for by Soros. He probably had no idea. He thought he was going to gamble and was killed and his room used for the shooting. Once police arrived the gunmen fled. DONT BELIEVE THIS SHIT. His wife set him up for a place in the Philippines and $100,000. FBI IS PROBABLY MANIPULATING EVIDENCE RIGHT NOW. JUST LIKE JFK SHOOTING


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