Well, we might have to add Calvin Klein to our long lists of companies who “Go woke and go broke.”

The latest marketing campaign from Calvin Klein has earnt the fashion brand a wave of backlash after they featured a pregnant transgender man as an underwear model.

The fashion brand explained they wanted to spotlight the “realities of new families” in honor of Mother’s Day. That’s right: the brand best known for selling underwear now wants to sell you on the idea that men can get pregnant.

But just to be clear, he is not a real man, he wasn’t born a man at birth. This is a pregnant trans man.

Several of the post’s top replies oppose the brand’s decision, including some saying “Goodbye Calvin Klein,” “brand canceled,” “Blocked,” “No longer purchasing this brand,” and more. Those top comments all received thousands of likes.

WLT commented further:

I have a quick question for progressives. Does this mean that men can finally share their thoughts on abortion?

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but a lot of Democrats claim that men “can’t have an opinion on abortion.”

Why? Because only “people who can get pregnant” can have a view on abortion.

Well, if we’re pretending that men can get pregnant, does that mean that we can finally share our views on abortion without getting criticized?

More details of this story from Daily Wire: 

A Mother’s Day ad campaign from Calvin Klein featured a transgender ‘man’ as part of the brand’s inclusive spread.

“Today, in support of women and mothers around the world, we highlight the reality of new families,” the company shared in the Instagram description, which included a variety of photos including a mother with just her child and an interracial couple as well.

“@k.vventzel is a South African painter and mother to Wild. @erikafeeh and @roberto_bete are expecting parents from Brazil. Roberto is due to give birth to his and Erika’s son Noah any day now. @venedaacarter is a prominent fashion consultant. Her family is Bobbi and Weston,” the caption continued.

The pregnant transgender ‘man’ Roberto, also shared the image with around 35,000 followers on the platform.

A few days later, the post had generated more than 30,000 likes on the platform. The comments were overwhelmingly supportive, which was likely due in part to follow-up clarification from the Calvin Klein brand in the comments.

“We embrace this platform as an inclusive and respectful environment for individualism and self-expression. At Calvin Klein, we tolerate everything except intolerance— any intolerant commentary will be removed, and any accounts issuing hateful statements may be blocked,” the company posted.

“We look forward to continuing a positive and inclusive dialogue in partnership with our community.”

Still, some less-than-favorable comments remained on the post.

And now, it appears a boycott is growing. More and more people are sharing that they will never buy Calvin Klein again.

OutKick commented further:

The marketing team at Calvin Klein believes that men can get pregnant, so it must be true.

On Mother’s Day, the famed underwear brand released a brand-new new campaign centered on motherhood. The creative highlighted a ‘pregnant’ trans man posing with her partner, a trans female.

“Today, in support of women and mothers all over the world, we’re spotlighting the realities of new families,” read the photo’s caption, posted on Sunday as millions of women celebrated Mother’s Day.

And the keyword from that caption … new.

Meaning that old norm of being born to a biological mother and father is no longer in, according to the campaign.

The subject sporting the baby belly is Robert Bete, a female-to-male trans person.

Sources: WLT, OutKick, Daily Wire

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