Joe thought Hispanics are on his side with his WEAK border policies, ain’t no…

Recently, his handling of the Border Crisis has been really WEAK not only for concerned citizens living near the border but also for Mexico itself.

It has been pretty obvious that the Biden Administration is facing huge criticism from all angles over its handling of the US-MEXICO border.

Basically, after 9 months of being installed in the White House, Joe Biden has been in a nutshell. The border crisis is showing no signs of improvement. August was the first time southwest land border encounters did not rise over the previous month, according to Customs and Border Protection figures, but that offers little comfort: It was the second straight month they exceeded 200,000, the highest level in over two decades, four times greater than August 2020.

Can you imagine the numbers already? It was barely a year. For god sake, we have gone from disaster to disaster under Biden. Each disaster or tyrannical over-reach seems to stretch the envelope.

The Biden Administration has reiterated that our borders are not open, and people should not make the dangerous journey. Individuals and families are subject to border restrictions, including expulsion.

On the recent poll, Biden has been thrown again out of the bus.

A new Dallas Morning News and University of Texas at Tyler poll found that 47% of those surveyed approve of the Texas governor’s border immigration policies, while only 29% approve of Biden’s “handling of immigration at the U.S.-Mexico border.”

Clearly, the Texans registered to vote to approve of Gov. Greg Abbott’s handling of immigration at the border more than they approve of the way President Joe Biden handles the issue. But only 36% of those polled say Texas should spend more on a border wall.

‘Hispanics are no different than any other group. They don’t want to see the crime, filth, and disease’

These numbers are really a big slap on Biden’s legacy.

Sources: Wayne Dupree, Dallas Morning News

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