Ultimate chaos, division, and worst is CIVIL WAR- this is what the left wants to happen in America.

I thought this administration had already enough of being the worst. Nope! It’s just getting started, a lot worse to come.

They’re coming out with some of the most radical stuff right out of the gate, where I thought they’d dribble it out a bit slower.

Newt says there’s a definite and very coordinated reason for that.

The Biden administration is unleashing this radical nonsense on “normal Americans” in hopes of either forcing them to fight and be destroyed in the media that they control or to surrender and quietly slink back into the shadows.

The left wants to take down anyone who challenges them and use them as an example to everyone else because they feel confident that they have enough tools in the Government.

After all, look what they did to the President of the United States.

They completely silenced him and took him out of the game – granted, President Trump is doing his best to work around it, but they did deliver a major blow, and we can’t deny that.

It’s a show of power to anyone who would dare stand up to this craziness, and also an invitation to create more chaos and possibly start a full-blown civil war.

Watch the video below:

The Biden Harris administration is intentionally pushing traditional Americans into a corner where we fight or we cave says Newt! Civil War would happen before caving to the socialist left! GO TRUMP 🇺🇸 pic.twitter.com/mOEIipgotm

— Bella (@bellausa17) April 25, 2021

The last thing we should do is slink back into the shadows.

This is the time when we need to stand up and fight for our traditions and values and all the things that we hold dear – because while the left may have some “paper tiger” power right now, it won’t last. We must stay laser-focused on election integrity, and get more involved on the local level.

Too many of us have been focused on national politics, and the left and the GOP establishment took advantage of that in 2020.

We can’t allow that to happen again.

Sources: WayneDupree

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