A Texas woman was arrested after repeatedly attempting to buy a mother’s baby for hundreds of thousands of dollars at a local Walmart.

49-year-old Rebecca Lanette Taylor entered a Walmart in Crockett with an unusual shopping agenda. Unlike most shoppers seeking everyday items, Taylor had her sights set on something that couldn’t be found on the store’s shelves. Upon spotting a mother with her child, Taylor approached them with a startling proposition: she wanted to buy the woman’s baby in exchange for a substantial sum of cash.

The mother was in the midst of using the self-checkout when Taylor made her initial approach. At the time, the mother was accompanied by her infant and a one-year-old toddler. Taylor expressed her admiration for the baby’s blonde hair and blue eyes and inquired about a price for the child. Although the mother initially dismissed Taylor’s proposal as a jest, Taylor persisted, assuring her that she had $250,000 in her car and was prepared to spend it all for the infant.

Despite the mother’s stern demand for Taylor to leave her child alone, Taylor was undeterred. As stated in an affidavit, Taylor had been contemplating purchasing a baby for quite some time. However, the mother ultimately succeeded in convincing Taylor to exit the store.

Upon leaving the Walmart with her children, the mother encountered Taylor once more. From a distance, Taylor yelled at the mother, this time offering an astounding $500,000 for the baby. Taylor insisted she would pay the half-million-dollar sum because she desired the child and intended to take him, regardless of the consequences.

Appalled and frightened, the mother promptly contacted the police to report Taylor’s unsettling attempts to buy her baby for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Texas authorities arrested Taylor on January 18, 2022, charging her with the sale or purchase of a child—a third-degree felony in the state. If found guilty, Taylor could face up to ten years in a Texas prison and be required to pay a fine of up to $10,000.

Following her arrest, Taylor posted a $50,000 bond and was released from the Houston County Sheriff’s Office. She claimed to be an attorney and stated that her ultimate objective was to convince the mother to sell her child for $500,000, as she had long desired to have a child of her own.

Police suspect that this may not have been Taylor’s first attempt to buy a baby. They are currently investigating two other incidents potentially involving Taylor, though no charges have been filed in those cases thus far.

This chilling tale could have taken a much darker turn had the mother agreed to Taylor’s disturbing proposal. Thankfully, she was able to distance herself from Taylor and report the incident to the proper authorities.

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