An obese beagle named Wolfgang is on a weight-loss journey that inspires healthy choices for dogs and people as well.

Wolfgang the Beagle was found wandering the streets of Arizona, carrying around a debilitating amount of excess weight. Luckily for Wolfgang, he has found a new set of owners who are dedicated to bringing him to health!

It’s not every day that you find a 90-pound Beagle wandering the streets as a stray. The team at the Arizona Beagle Rescue knew there had to be more to this stray pup’s story, and decided to welcome him into their rescue for further care.

The loving pet owners, Chad Schatz and Erin McManis, both 40, of Phoenix, Arizona, have documented their dog Wolfgang’s incredible physical transformation on Instagram since adopting him through the Arizona Beagle Rescue in May 2019.

Upon examination, Wolfgang was found to have a thyroid condition that can make it quite difficult for him to lose weight. Aside from medication, he would need a dedicated team of helpers to achieve the weight loss he needs to survive.

Almost immediately, Wolfgang began the process of shedding his unwanted pounds. His new parents make him a special diet of lean meats and vegetables each, as well as being diligent with his much-needed thyroid medication. With the level of obesity that Wolfgang is experiencing, it will take more than a diet to bring him to a healthy weight. The couple soon found a list of ways to get Wolfgang moving at his own pace!

The couple, who are both lawyers, shared a video of Wolfgang’s weight loss journey in celebration of National Pet Obesity Awareness Day. He has been on a path to better health since joining his forever family back in May 2019.

The montage begins with footage of the beagle walking around when it weighed 90 pounds. However, they noted that there is nothing cute about “extreme canine obesity,” saying they “believe it’s neglect or abuse.”

“Even a little extra weight on a dog can put a lot of stress on the dog’s joints,” they explained. “We firmly believe that small, consistent steps can yield big results.”

The pair also shared some of Wolfgang’s “big wins,” including passing through their doggy door, running his first mile, and completing his first 5K.

Some of Wolfgang’s favorite activities include swimming around the pool with assistance from his fur dad, playing in the yard with his new four-legged siblings, and most impressive; his aqua exercises at a rehab facility.

This chunky pup’s new favorite exercise is his aqua aerobics on a doggie treadmill, all while having his favorite toy in his mouth at all times! Since beginning his rehabilitation, he has been able to increase his speed and is significantly more comfortable during his exercises.

His owners are so proud of his incredible resilience, and his ability to keep his spirits high during every step of this process. Erin created an Instagram account to track Wolfgang’s progress, and she is amazed by how many people Wolfgang continues to inspire each day.

Wolfgang sure is an inspiration for anyone who is on a similar journey to a healthier lifestyle. We can’t wait to watch him crush all of his goals!

Watch the Wolfgang’s awesome transformation below:

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