During a recent Juno Awards ceremony held in Edmonton, Canada, Canadian pop icon Avril Lavigne faced an unexpected disruption when a topless activist stormed the stage.

The impassioned protester, whose body was adorned with provocative phrases, was met with a stern command from Lavigne, who told her twice to “get the f*** off!” before security personnel finally intervened and escorted the intruder offstage.

For those who witnessed the dramatic episode, either in person or through the graphic video footage shared online, the message conveyed by the activist was clear. Written across her body were phrases such as “save the green belt” and “land back.”


According to CTV News, these statements seem to reference a contentious regulation issued by the Ontario government in November. The order called for the removal of 7,400 acres of protected Greenbelt land, with the intention of converting it into housing developments.

The controversial decision, which anticipates the construction of around 50,000 new homes on the former Greenbelt land by 2025 at the latest, has prompted investigations by both Ontario’s auditor general and integrity commissioner. The move has been met with staunch opposition from various groups, and the topless protester’s actions at the Juno Awards only served to amplify the issue.

As the story continues to unfold, many are following closely to learn more about the protester’s motivations and any potential consequences she may face.

Meanwhile, the ongoing debate surrounding the Ontario government’s decision to encroach on protected Greenbelt land remains a hot-button issue for environmentalists and concerned citizens alike.

Sources: DailyWire, CTV News

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