In a bold move sure to shake up the liberal establishment, a high-profile conservative figure is set to take the reins of a prime-time Fox News slot, following the controversial departure of a beloved commentator.

Kayleigh McEnany, the former White House press secretary under President Donald Trump, will take over the highly coveted 8 PM ET time slot on Fox News next week. McEnany has already made a name for herself on the network, co-hosting the highly rated Fox show Outnumbered, which consistently outperforms network rivals such as GMA3 and Today w/ Hoda & Jenna.

The announcement follows the shocking dismissal of Tucker Carlson, who was unceremoniously ousted from Fox News. Since his departure, the network has been rotating hosts for the 8 PM slot and keeping viewers on their toes as to who will ultimately replace the fan-favorite conservative commentator.

Carlson’s removal has prompted much speculation about potential replacements, with Mediaite providing a list of their top picks. They suggest that Fox News could reshuffle its current lineup of Watters, Ingraham, or Hannity to fill the void left by Carlson. However, if the network chooses to maintain its current prime-time schedule, Mediaite offers six potential hosts, including Greg Gutfeld, Tulsi Gabbard, Kayleigh McEnany, Brian Kilmeade, Pete Hegseth, and Jesse Watters.

The news of Carlson’s firing sent shockwaves through social media, as it was reported that he was caught off guard by a phone call from CEO Suzanne Scott. Interestingly, this happened amidst ongoing contract negotiations that would have reportedly kept Carlson at Fox News through 2029.

Bill O’Reilly, a former top Fox News host, posited that Carlson’s firing was due to the network’s legal woes. Fox News recently settled a lawsuit with Dominion, agreeing to a staggering payout of $787 million, and is currently facing another lawsuit filed by former Fox News booker Abby Grossberg.

O’Reilly pointed out that Carlson’s ratings improved dramatically after he took a hard right turn in 2020. The former host believes that the sudden termination of Carlson’s contract was primarily due to the unexpected resolution of the pending litigation. This demonstrates the unpredictable nature of the television news industry, which O’Reilly describes as the most wicked in the United States.

Fox News’s decision to fire its top host was made by Lachlan Murdoch, chief executive of Fox Corporation, and Suzanne Scott, chief executive of Fox News Media. The Murdoch family’s involvement has led some to speculate that the decision may be a precursor to selling the network. With McEnany, a staunch conservative, and Trump ally, stepping into the 8 PM time slot, Fox News will continue to challenge the liberal narrative and provide an essential platform for conservative voices in America.

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