Just look at Bill Gates as a smile like an evil after hearing about the idea of Americans possibly losing their social security if they don’t take the vaccine.

Gates can’t contain his happiness. And look he seems proud that his “gleefully smiling” is now all over the TV.

Well, what would you expect with the person who spent most of his lounging time with the pedophile Jeffrey Epstein?

During an interview with CNN host Andersson Cooper, he chuckled throughout the segment when it was discussed about the treatment of decent Americans like Nazi war-camp criminals.

The Gateway Pundit also reported:

Bill Gates acts like he is some sort of COVID king and smiles when it’s suggested that the elderly should be withheld their social security checks if they refuse to get vaccinated.

In a recent tweet of an interview, Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, acts like he is President and king of COVID. He smiles when it’s suggested that the elderly should be withheld their social security checks until they get vaccinated with the COVID vaccine.

But then again, Gates has been investing in vaccines for a very long time and it’s been a lucrative venture.

All my life I never imagined seeing such a person who would feel good after seeing people suffer. And I saw it on Bill Gates, he’s the exact person.

He looks like the happiest man on earth, doesn’t he?

Folks, this isn’t about “safety,” these people are simply flexing their power and muscles for complete and total control.

This administration is trying to move us to the “Great Reset” according to them. But what exactly they’re trying to do is to control us and make sure that there should be another Trump again.

Sources: Wayne Dupree, The Gateway Pundit

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  1. red

    And then what? He’s cursed and lost half his fortune. As discussed with Christian and Muslims in the family that’s the first thing to go, wealth. He wants to rid the earth of 385,000 people a year and said vaccines are the way to do it. After all, Hitler did it that way, one shot of chemicals at a time. Have you ever seen a liberal who didn’t worship Hitler? They all do.


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