One Deli chose to swim against the tide, instilling a level of meritocracy in their hiring process that is sure to ruffle the feathers of left-leaning pundits.

Jason’s Deli, despite needing more hands on deck, insisted on paying their workers commensurate with their skill, dedication, and experience. This stance, however, caused quite the stir in an increasingly woke culture, drawing ire from patrons who promptly aired their grievances on social media, a typical refuge for liberal outrage.

Boldly challenging the mediocrity that a minimum wage often perpetuates, the deli’s help-wanted sign unequivocally states, “Minimum wage equals mediocre person.” It further breaks down what each prospective hire can expect to earn according to their qualifications and attitude towards work, an affront to a society that frequently rewards mere participation.

If it’s their “first job” and they are “willing to learn,” a prospective hire could make nine dollars per hour.

Ten dollars per hour was reserved for those with “some experience” and efficiency.

Being “reliable” and a “multi-tasker” nets a worker eleven dollars per hour, while twelve dollars is designated for someone who is “better than most” and “brings zero drama” while “working like two people.”

The scale peaks at fifteen dollars per hour for those exceptional few who “outshines and outperforms the owner” while doing “all of the above” on other job levels.

Yet, instead of being commended for their transparent, merit-based approach, Jason’s Deli was targeted for virtual vilification. A Twitter user, I.G.Y. Azalea, sparked this online firestorm by sharing an image of the offending sign, essentially inviting an avalanche of criticism on the business.

Azalea, stoking the flames of outrage, remarked that the sign “realllllly doesn’t sit right with me,” a sentiment that was echoed by more than 73,000 people on Twitter. Others joined the chorus of critics, with over 6,300 retweets and 5,500 quoted tweets, slamming the deli’s innovative hiring policy.

The liberal critique of Jason’s Deli was a cornucopia of socialist rhetoric, decrying their pay scale as exploitative. Critics falsely equated hard work with entitlement to a higher wage, showing a misunderstanding of the concept of meritocracy.

One critic asked, “How are you supposed to survive off of $15/hr working at a deli?” completely disregarding the fact that these wages are an entry point, not a destination.

Jason’s Deli has yet to comment on the wave of liberal outrage that their merit-based wage scale has sparked. Whether they will succumb to the pressure to remove the sign remains to be seen, but one hopes that they will stand firm against the tide of left-leaning entitlement.

The question remains whether Jason’s Deli was right to post this sign. If you value hard work, personal responsibility, and fair competition, it’s clear that the deli is in the right, serving as a necessary foil to the liberal agenda that is constantly trying to undermine these values.

Source: AWM

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