A 47 year old mother is accused of using her own daughter to lure two fourteen year old boys to her house, where she plied them with alcohol and drugs before having intercourse and oral sex with the two underage teens. Amalia Marie Utz was arrested and then released on $20,000 bail while she is awaiting trial. She has been charged with committing lewd or lascivious acts with a minor and oral sex with a minor under the age of 16. Police are familiar with Utz after being called to her home on multiple occasions for   juvenile disturbances, found runaways, juveniles in possession of and smoking marijuana, high-school-age parties, alcohol being given to minors by Utz, and reckless driving.

From The Daily Star

A mom is accused of using her own child to lure in two underage teen boys and having sex with them, according to police reports.

Amalia Marie Utz, 47, is accused by California investigators of plying the two boys with alcohol.

Local paper the Acorn claims she was arrested on suspicion of having sex with the two teenagers, both aged 14.

She is also accused of using her own child to meet them.

Oak Park Unified School District superintendent Tony Knight sent a letter to parents stating Utz had been accused of of providing drugs and alcohol to at least “two minor boys” and engaging in sexual activity with them.

He said: “This information was immediately turned over to county authorities and we have since been cooperating with them throughout the investigation.

“It is possible that more than two students were involved.”

One of the boys is believed to attend Oak Park.

Mr Knight added: “We cannot over emphasise the importance of speaking up when you hear or see something that is suspicious.

“Our instincts as parents and educators are very often right.”

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