On Sunday, “60 Minutes” ran another hit piece against Stewart Rhodes the leader of the Oath Keepers.

Rhodes was outside the US Capitol on January 6th and therefore needs to be arrested according to “60 Minutes.”

60 Minutes having no satisfaction after spreading totally fake news article this month, they made another one again, a garbage report brought to you by the Lie Keepers. This time it was about the Oath Keepers. 60 Minutes claimed that the group stashed weapons at an unnamed hotel room.

Stewart Rhodes, the founder of the Oath Keepers said that the fake garbage report is an obvious lie. Reports show that only one person was caught with weapons at the January 6th rally. The man was a committed leftist and not an Oath Keeper as they had stated.

Stewart told The Gateway Pundit at the time that the Oath keepers were in Washington to provide security for conservatives and that he had ordered that no weapons were to be brought with them.

Not a single Oath Keeper was found to be armed, but of course, 60 Minutes, the program that gave us Dan Rather’s fake accusations about President George W Bush, sees lying as no big deal.

Here is what Stewart Rhodes told The Gateway Pundit back in March:

Stewart said the FBI is harassing Oath Keepers and knocking on their doors, adding, “The FBI is all about trying to put as many patriots in prison as they can. What is happening right now is a Stalinistic persecution campaign to suppress the opposition to the coup that is being done right now by the left in the country right now and by the deep state.”

The Oath Keepers founder had this to say about the mainstream media, “Our experience with mainstream media, they only want to pull out sound bites they can twist to their narratives. I’m done. I’m done giving interviews with the leftist media.”

He added that first of all, the Oath Keepers were in DC to provide security at the different speaking events. They did this on the 5th and the 6th.

Stewart also told us that he ordered all of his fellow Oath Keepers to not bring weapons to Washington DC on the 6th. This was also true. And “60 Minutes” openly lies about this last night in their segment on the Oath Keepers.

It is well known now that there were NO WEAPONS recovered on January 6th at the US Capitol during the so-called “insurrection.”

We also know that Antifa member Leslie Grimes was arrested on January 6th in Washington DC on weapons charges. Grimes was later released despite lying to officers about the gun in her vehicle. (Chris Wray will not acknowledge this fact on violent Antifa at the US Capitol on January 6th)
Stewart Rhodes described that day in Washington DC. He explained the role of the Oath Keepers in providing security at the Ellipse and at associated rallies on January 5th in the nation’s capital.

The Oath Keepers DID NOT organize violence on January 6th. However; Maxine Waters and Antifa continue to organize and plan violence in cities across the US.

Watch it here: 60 Minutes/Youtube


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  1. Robert Higginbotham

    We are in the process of a major attempted coup by the leftist democrat scum and criminals such as George Soros, Bloomberg, Steyer and the rest. It is supported by the corrupt and useless FBI and major parts of the DOJ that dopey Joe has appointed. Biden’s quick reaction after being sworn in with many, many EOs all written by his puppet master(s) is/was all part of the plan to subjugate this country. The ultimate goal for the globalists running the show is to make the USA into the UN agenda 21.

  2. Jesse

    60 minutes is a member of the MORON MEDIA and take orders from the Democraps who are their Masters. They would NEVER tell the TRUTH about a Conservative group.

  3. Daniel from TN

    I just want to know who REALLY arranged the event on January 6th: Psychotic Pelosi; Sanctimonious Schumer; or Batty, Beijing Biden.


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