Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is under investigation of possible regulation violation during her March trip to Florida to visit her father, Federal officials confirmed.

The Federal Aviation Administration announced on Tuesday that they are investigating the case as they have confirmed that Air Eagle does not have a Part 135 certificate to legally operate charter flights. However, it is early to conclude that a violation of federal aviation regulations occurred.

Gov. Whitmer issued travel guidelines on Feb 22.

Michigan Department of Health and Human Services confirmed that the Governor’s trip did not follow the travel guidelines issued on Feb. 22. As per the guidelines, it is asked for travelers to receive a PCR viral COVID-19 test one to three days before heading out of state and three to five days after they return home.

Michigan residents were also advised to self-quarantine for seven days after returning from their trip.

WDIV-TV reports as well that the self-quarantine regulation that the Governor should observe has been bypassed and no specific answer on when she was tested for the PCR test.

“Gretchen Whitmer’s blatant display of hypocrisy is an insult to every single Michigander impacted by her lockdown orders and travel warnings,” Michigan Republican Party Communications Director Ted Goodman said, according to WILX-TV.

Governor Whitmer says she went to help assist her ailing elderly father, who owns property in the sunshine state. Her office says they did not disclose personal travel information at the time because of security concerns.

The private jet flew from Lansing, Michigan to West Palm Beach, Florida was owned by a Detroit company. On her press statement: “This flight was not paid for at taxpayer expense. I don’t know that there’s anything more to add.”

Sources: WDIV-TV, The Western Journal, Fox News

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  1. Maggietish

    An investigation of her is long overdue. She has done nothing but break the law and victimize her constituents. She’s on some kind of power trip to the expense and detriment of her constituents. Courts have reversed most of her decisions. She should be thrown out of office immediately and prosecuted.

  2. Bubba Love

    Whitmer is an unhinged control freak and she is as narcissistic as they come. Lock her up. Jail or a mental institution, she needs both.

  3. Lisa

    about time they are investigating this, it should have been done right after her trip and it was disclosed that heels up harris used a charter plane for her trip…get rid of her already, she is baaaad news


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