Coca-Cola vending machines in public office buildings are now being banned in North Carolina County as a response to corporate left-wing activism.

Coca-Cola is the type of brand with “mass appeal.” They cross over to many demographics – and that’s why brands like this. need to be careful about getting political. You will alienate one portion of your customers instantly. It’s such a dumb move, but Coke did it – and they’re still paying the price.

The commissioner leading the effort acknowledged that “Yes, we are trying to cancel Coca-Cola. To use their tactics against them.”

Boycotts traditionally have been part of the progressive toolbox, but conservatives are increasingly receptive to adopting a similar technique to send a message to virtue-signaling corporations and their politics-pushing executives.

Surry County commissioners, all of whom are reportedly Republicans, adopted the resolution in a 3-2 vote to remove the soft-drink machines as a way to register disapproval with woke Coke’s criticism of the Georgia voting reform law.

Coke machine ban advocate and voting integrity advocate Eddie Harris, the longest-serving commissioner in Surry County, implied that, as alluded to above, turnabout is fair play and that the response to the boycott from constituents has been mostly positive. Surry County is located in the Greensboro-Winston Salem area.

“The left-wing in America, they defund, they boycott, they cancel, they tear down statues – all sorts of egregious actions,” Harris explained in an interview with Winston-Salem-based WXII TV.

“The expectation from them is that the opposing political side will cower in the corner, and we’re supposed to accept that, and it’s supposed to be okay. And it’s not okay,” he explained.

This is the absolute last thing you want for your brand – a bunch of pissed-off people banning your product, and associating you with the least popular political party on the planet.

The same thing is happening to the NBA right now…they associated themselves with the violent Marxist group BLM and their ratings tanked in record-time.

Harris, who described Election 2020 as a mess that left many voters with serious doubts about the process, also wrote a letter to Coke’s CEO in which he asserted, in part: “Millions of Americans believe that the last presidential election was not held fairly and that more voter fraud will occur in the future if elections are not closely monitored and regulated.”

A locally owned Coca-Cola bottling company has reportedly reached out to the commissioners with the hope of setting up a meeting to discuss the situation. So far, the machines have yet to be physically removed.

Commissioner Harris also lamented the fact that people can not express their opinion on important issues such as critical race theory out of concerns that the woke mob will threaten their livelihood and that they will otherwise be smeared.

Watch it here: WCNC/Youtube

Sources: Business Politics, Wayne Dupree

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