President Joe Biden’s administration is preventing in revealing the truth by shutting down a State Department inquiry into whether the coronavirus could have spread out of a lab where the Chinese government was studying coronaviruses, CNN reported Tuesday.

The State Department inquiry is now terminated this spring by the current administration of which has been previously reported — comes to light amid renewed interest in whether the virus could have leaked out of a Wuhan lab with links to the Chinese military. The Biden administration is also facing the scrutiny of its efforts to determine if the Chinese government was responsible for the virus.

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo reportedly started the inquiry in late fall of 2020, seeking to establish whether the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) had been using a lab in Wuhan to research COVID-19 and diseases like it, CNN reported. Biden’s administration reportedly cut off the inquiry this spring after questioning the legitimacy of the research and ultimately concluding it was a poor use of resources, the outlet reported.

Mike Pompeo, opined on Twitter his thoughts of Biden shutting down the investigation into the origins of COVID-19.

The decision to terminate the inquiry, which was run primarily out of the State Department’s arms control and verification bureau, was made after Biden officials were briefed on the team’s draft findings in February and March of this year, a State Department spokesperson said. Questions were raised about the legitimacy of the findings and the project was deemed to be an ineffective use of resources, explained a source familiar with the decision.

Sources involved in the Trump-era inquiry rejected criticisms over the quality of their work and told CNN their objective had been to examine scientific research and information from the US intelligence community which backed the lab leak theory and shone more light on how it could have emerged in the lab.

The lab leak theory gained renewed vigor following the revelation that three workers in the Wuhan lab were sick enough to get hospitalized in November 2019, according to The Wall Street Journal. The reason for their hospitalization has not yet been confirmed as COVID-19, however.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki fielded several questions from reporters in Tuesday’s briefing regarding the origins of COVID-19 and the increasing possibility of the lab leak theory. She asserted to reporters that an international investigation is a proper route for finding the truth, not a U.S.-led effort.

“What role does the Biden administration think U.S. scientists or CDC scientists should play in that investigation?” a reporter asked of potential further investigations in China.

“The WHO would be the body that would be overseeing a transparent, independent phase 2 investigation. That’s something we have strongly supported,” Psaki said. “That would require China finally stepping up and allowing access needed to determine the origins.”

“Of course the United States would be supportive of that second stage of the investigation, but it would be led by an international body,” she continued.

“So the U.S. wouldn’t take a leading role essentially?” the reporter responded.

“The WHO, which we rejoined when the president took office, is the body that we have been pressing and is the appropriate body for moving this investigation forward,” Psaki finished.

It’s important to determine whether COVID-19 was released intentionally or not, and who was behind it. For some reason, the Biden Administration doesn’t want this investigation to continue.

Sources: Daily Caller, CNN Politics, The Gateway Pundit

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