The new senate bill made Joe Biden in some serious trouble. Thanks to this bill.

As of the moment, the focus is on the “lab leak” out of China is something that those of us on the right have been talking about for about a year now, thanks to President Trump, who didn’t hold back and called out China right out of the gate.

For some odd reason, suddenly it’s okay to call out China, when just a few months ago, saying this type of stuff would get you banned off of social media by the so-called “fact-checkers.”

Everyone including the media and politicians is now ready to hold China accountable – but what about Joe?

Well, not so much – but thanks to a bipartisan Senate bill, he’s about to have no choice.

Western Journal reports that the Senate on Wednesday gave unanimous consent to a bill sponsored by Republican Sen. Josh Hawley of Missouri that would make public what America’s shadowy intelligence community knows about the origins of COVID-19.

“I think it’s time that the American people got to decide for themselves,” Hawley said in a floor speech Wednesday, according to The Kansas City Star. “It’s time that they actually got to see the evidence that the United States government has collected on this issue.”

The bill gives the Office of the Director of National Intelligence 90 days to declassify information concerning the origins of COVID-19.

What this bill does is it will make public “any information relating to potential links between the Wuhan Institute of Virology and the origin of the coronavirus disease.”

Of course, now, the legislation moves to the House.

Let’s watch how this make will shake Biden and what he will do to protect the people, who many believe, helped put him in the White House.

Sources: Wayne Dupree, Western Journal

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  1. Lisa

    I LOVE IT, hold MR. biden’s feet to the fire…he can’t protect china for very much longer, especially if other countries pile on…F O MR. biden


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