The Biden Administration has been in the office for at least 9 months now and things have been really hefty painful for most of us.

The way he handles the pandemic, border crisis, and also the infamous ‘Afghanistan Debacle’ has been printed in his legacy.

Recently, Joe Biden is on a mission to destroy America, it’s actually more way than one, after Congress authorized the spending bill up to $3.5 trillion over a decade, it seems Joe Biden is persuading his co-Democratic cults to fully cover the cost of the legislation.

How? Of course, by Taxing the riches by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Clearly, Biden pushed to increase the taxes on corporations and the wealthy, negotiating the price of prescription drugs and dialing up other sources of federal revenue such as increased IRS funding.

Basically, the idea is that the entire package should pay for itself.

Biden said at the White House, “We pay for everything we spend, It’s going to be zero. Zero.” how about you pay for what you did in Afghanistan? Hypocrite old geezer.

But the revenue side of the equation is vexing, and it’s emerged as a core challenge for Democratic bargainers as they labor to construct one of the largest legislative efforts in a generation. Their success or failure could help determine whether the bulk of Biden’s agenda becomes law and can withstand the political attacks to come.

Republicans, lockstep in opposition, aren’t waiting for the details. They’ve trained their focus on the $3.5 trillion spending ceiling set by Democrats, pillorying that sum as fiscally reckless, misguided, big government at its worst.

Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky said Thursday that the “radical left is pushing in all their chips — they want to use this terrible but temporary pandemic as a Trojan horse for permanent socialism and trillions upon trillions more in government spending when families are already facing inflation.”

The main problem for these Democratic cults is the lack of a consensus about which programs to fund and for how long. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., acknowledge the price will likely come down and say they have a “menu” of revenue raisers to pay for it.

Pelosi said in a statement, “This is not about the price tag, This is about what’s in the bill.” clown being herself.

This is just another way of Biden’s destructive governance. It’s just like another lie or a broken promise in the making.

Source: NewsMax

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  1. william g munson

    When Joe Biden said who ever makes less than $400,000 a Year would not pay any more of TAXES knew he was Lying and Tax the Rich that mean Him too and he been skirting around that for years and do you think he Reports the 10% the Big Guy gets from Hunter,s DEALS are you Crazy and if the IRS after Him or Hunter What no way


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