When the world needs you, I mean even your own allies… you go to Delaware. Wait, what?

Joe Biden has already failed almost everyone in America and Afghanistan and now he is just adding more disappointments to his legacy.

Previously, when the 13 fallen soldiers from Kabul came home, Joe Biden seemed to fail the recognitions of these heroes towards their families, instead, he shared his pain when he lost his son. How insensitive that is?

Recently this week, South Korean President Moon Jae-in and his wife, Kim Jung-sook, flew to Hawaii to personally deliver the remains of six United States military members recovered from the Korean War.

That’s a long way from home but the resident so-called President didn’t even bother to attend or send his side-kick Kamala to receive our fallen heroes.

Biden has been really notable for ignoring problems such as the crisis on the borders, manipulating the COVID results, and taking care of the strong relationship with our allies.

Moon Jae-in said in the event, “American and Korean heroes are finally returning home to their families after a 70-year-long wait.”

The Pentagon made sure enough to send Admiral John Aquilino, to accept the delivery but this type of event is really important for Presidents to meet considering this is a first-time occasion after 71 years.

South and North Korea signed a 1953 armistice that halted three years of war but never led to a formal declaration of peace.

Trump would never let this happen if he was still the President… but Joe Biden means failure, so what do we expect?

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