Ford does not force you to drive a GM. Pepsi doesn’t try convincing you to drink Coke. And Reebok sure does not tell you to wear a pair of Nike’s.

But apparently the NFL tells the majority of America and its fans to spend their weekends doing something they are not designed to do.

After hundreds of players took a knee or took a pass on the National Anthem, hundreds of thousands of others took a knee on Sunday football. Many of those viewers, however, never to return. The league looks all-in on its protesting players politicizing a sport that traditionally transcends partisan rancor and division.

Now we have an evangelical Bishop named Aubrey Shines who feels the NFL players who protested during the National Anthem should stop being “stooges and pawns” for a Democratic Party and a news media “that incites a fake news narrative” about police killing black people.

According to breitbart:

In an exclusive video for Breitbart News, Bishop Shines ripped the hundreds of NFL players, team owners, and executives who’ve participated in political demonstrations during the playing of the anthem before the start of the games for failing to protest Planned Parenthood which “targets our urban landscape” with “venomous filth.”

“Why haven’t you protested that over 680,000 blacks who are aborted annually?” the Bishop asked.

“You’ve been bamboozled and hoodwinked,” Bishop Shines said of the NFL players and entertainers taking a knee in solidarity with former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick. “In regard to those that serve in our police forces, by the way, they’re not taking our lives, they’re defending our lives.”

The outspoken Tampa Florida-based Bishop pointed out that while black Americans account for about 13 percent of the population, we account for more than half of the country’s homicides and commit a disproportionate amount of the violent crimes.

“Please stop being pawns and flunkies and stooges for your political party, and for those in the news media that incite the fake news narratives that actually inflame this deluge of ignorance that keeps you on their plantation,” Bishop Shines said to professional sports players and entertainers.

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