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The controversial impeachment ordeal could be over much sooner than Trump supporting Americans had feared, and it’s virtually “guaranteed” to end in an acquittal of President Donald Trump. One way or another.

On Tuesday, CNN wrote there is more at stake than expected “given the all-but-guaranteed acquittal of President Donald Trump in his trial in the Republican-led Senate.” The “gamesmanship,” they write, “finally looks to be over.”

It’s been nearly a month since the House voted on articles of impeachment and Nancy Pelosi is still sitting on them. It was an obvious attempt to blackmail the Senate into holding the trial her way, but it blew up in her face.

If she won’t send the articles over, then the President hasn’t really been impeached. Accepting defeat, she’s expected to fork them over any day now.

Donald Trump and the White House are pushing for a quick “dismissal” because the President thinks holding a trial on the bogus evidence from the House kangaroo court would give the trial legitimacy that it simply does not have.

The White House urged Senate leadership to “preserve the option of moving to swiftly dismiss the charges against President Donald Trump after opening arguments.”

Republicans are kicking it around behind the scenes but they’re shying away from it for practical reasons. First there is the vote split. If they raised a motion to dismiss on the floor, 51 votes would be needed to throw the case right out the door.

That means that it would only take three RINOs to defeat. Romney is already promising to be one of them. Enough others are sitting on the fence to make it an iffy proposition.

Senate leadership prefers to look at the upcoming trial as preserving the transparency, and shining the light into how weak the Democrat case really is. More importantly, it will clear the President completely without any further clouds over his head or asterisks next to his name in the history books.

Dismissal could also create the impression that they were “moving too quickly,” which would hurt vulnerable swing state Senators up for re-election. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell “has made clear to his colleagues that he wants Trump to emerge victorious in the trial and is not willing to hold a vote that could fail,” CNN notes.

Once they get the trial underway, “the Senate can vote on the merits of the articles of impeachment.” If the charges have no “merit,” Trump walks. That, the Senators remind, “can be done with only 34 votes because the Constitution requires 67 votes to convict the President and remove him from office.”

If the trial did go that route, “Trump would have a stronger argument to say he was exonerated on the merits of the case, rather than simply relying on a procedural vote to dismiss the charges.”

Texas Senator John Cornyn agrees with that strategy. “That would be my advice. Let both sides have their say and have their vote.”

House Democrats are clinging to one last straw, their dream that they can “brand Republicans as shielding a historically corrupt President” by November. That, they fantasize, will “create a powerful line of argument for their eventual 2020 nominee, who will argue the episode shows Trump is unfit to stay in the White House.”

The way President Trump and his millions of delighted fans will see it is “vindication” of his mandate to do what it takes to drain the swamp.

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