Recently it was found out that Coca-Cola made an indoctrination course in training their employees to ‘be less white’ which is outraged.

Also, negative headlines appeared after Coca-Cola stood in solidarity against voter integrity legislation in Georgia that would make elections marginally more secure in response to the irregularities of the 2020 election.

After the revelation, their slave-owning morphine-addicted founding was exposed to the world.

When it happened, the company tried to backtrack by not signing a new document in solidarity with about 100 other far-left woke companies. This is already useless since they can no longer undo the damage they made.

Between April 15 to 18 a new Rasmussen poll made and suggests that at least 37% of people are less likely to buy Coke products due to their undermining and subversion of Americanism and its Constitutional principles.

“Respondents were asked several questions, including, “Is it a good idea or a bad idea for corporations to become involved in political controversies?”

Overall, 62 percent of respondents said that it was a “bad idea,” with only 20 percent saying it was a “good idea,” and 17 percent saying they were “Not sure.”

When asked if they had ever boycotted a company over “political issues,” 52 percent of those polled said “No,” while 41 percent replied “Yes.”

The third and last question on the survey asked: “After the Georgia legislature enacted a new election law requiring voter ID, Coca-Cola was one of the companies that publicly condemned the law. Does that make you more or less likely to purchase Coca-Cola products?”

Over a third of the respondents – 37 percent – said that they were “Less likely” to purchase Coca-Cola products due to the company’s interference.
A fourth – 25 percent – said that they were “More likely” to purchase Coca-Cola, while 30 percent said it “does not make much difference” and eight percent were unsure.”

While words certainly have power, nothing has more power than action. This incident sparked an enormous controversy that has yet to die down.
But it did not make headlines for more than one news cycle. And yet, millions of people made the same effortless decision.

Immediately Coke went into damage control and pulled the training course, issued statements that it wasn’t true and all the typical backpedaling a cowardly management team does when caught insulting a core customer base.

You would think they would have learned from the NFL. But sadly. In their quest to be all things to all people, Coke will quickly find itself hated by everyone.

Hated by whites for telling them they’re bad people. Hated by the race-baiters for making up to their fragile white overlords.


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  1. Lisa

    fantastic…always remember coke that actions have consequences…hahahaha

  2. Bubba Love

    No more Coke for me. I haven’t bought one since that “be less white” statement from those coke management morons.


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