No wonder Marvel Comics released the best Superheroes by far…let’s just say they were not under the influence of these sick liberals.

Superman fanatics are so excited when they announced that it’s coming out, but what happened next will totally make you feel sad, or even betrayed.

Liberals literally destroyed Superman’s image… I’m a big fan of superman before but not this time… Not anymore!

Tom Taylor revealed Monday that the Man of Steel is coming out as bisexual and said on a statement that creating “another straight white savior” would be a “real opportunity missed.”


ING revealed that in the upcoming “Superman: Son of Kat-El,” the current Superman, Jon Kent, starts a gay relationship with Jay Nakamura, and the pair share a kiss in issue #5.

“Fans of the series probably won’t be surprised to learn Jon is entering into a relationship with Jay Nakamura, a hacktivist who idolizes Jon’s mother Lois and has already lent his new friend a helping hand. And as this image shows, the two friends will become something more when they share their first kiss in issue #5.”

Writer Tom Taylor also told IGN that he’s had “queer characters and storylines rejected” in the past but knew he didn’t want another straight white male as his superhero.

“Over the years in this industry, it probably won’t surprise you to hear I’ve had queer characters and storylines rejected. I felt like I was letting down people I loved every time this happened, but we are in a very different and much more welcome place today than we were ten, or even five years ago. When I was asked if I wanted to write a new Superman with a new #1 for the DC Universe, I knew replacing Clark with another straight white savior could be a real opportunity missed and I’ve always said everyone needs heroes and everyone deserves to see themselves in their heroes so Today, Superman, the strongest superhero on the planet, is coming out.” Taylor said.

Artist John Timms also informed that outlet that, “It is a pretty big deal doing it with Jon Kent as Superman, s we have seen Jon grow up in front of our eyes, it will be interesting to see him not only trying to find himself as a person but a global superhero in the complex atmosphere of modern life. On the other hand, I hope this kind of thing will not be seen as a big deal in the future. You could visualize how it could pan in the future when the most powerful man in the world is part of the LGBT community. So many things are on the horizon and beyond.”

If the Avengers were real, they would have smashed these corrupt liberals for influencing these types of hypocrisy and radicalism.

Sources: DailyWire, ING

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  1. Bubbelove

    We live in a very sick world, which is getting even sicker by the day.
    This all turns my stomach.


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