The liftest liberals are busy accusing parents as ‘domestic terrorists’ for shouting out their complaints about the so-called vaccine mandates by the Biden administration but hey, they just missed a big shot!

Recently, Navy submarine engineer Jonathon Toebbe 42-years-old and his wife, Diana Toebbe a 49-year-old high school teacher were arrested by the FBI and charged with selling nuclear secrets to an unknown foreign nation.

For all liftest liberals out there, this is the REAL definition of “Domestic Terrorists.”

These ‘domestic terrorists’ couple is a sure hater of America, not those parents who only care for their children’s lives.

After they advertised for a babysitter on Facebook for their two young children so they could drop off the stolen intelligence from the US Navy, the FBI caught them on a sting operation as they are headed to West Virginia and they are unaware they were being watched by the FBI.

Daily Mail reported that On July 28, Diana Toebbe, 45, asked for a babysitter on Facebook to watch her children early on Saturday morning for up to five to six hours and She then posted an update to the original post, only visible to friends, with the word ‘*FOUND*’, implying a babysitter had been organized.

It was a 32-gigabyte memory card hidden in a sealed Band-Aid wrapper in a container set up as a drop point, by an undercover FBI operative with an added note by Jonathan saying he was interested in selling information on Virginia-class nuclear submarine reactions to a foreign power, back when Donald Trump was still the US President.

The wife, Diana Toebbe was a Humanities professor at the Key School for the last ten years, a progressive private school in Annapolis, where she taught history and English.

“However, he said she was shocked by Trump’s 2016 election and mentioned several times the possibility of moving to Australia — one of six countries that currently possess nuclear submarines.” said Craig Martien, a 2019 graduate of Key School who collaborated with Diana on a yearbook and an after-school anthropology club said she was ‘insanely smart’.

Diana have previously said to Craig that she couldn’t stand the current state of politics and had found some job opportunities over there.

Source: 100% Fed Up

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