Geraldo Rivera and Dan Bongino who first argued about police killings of Black Americans in April, renewed their heated feud Wednesday on Hannity.

Rivera and Bongino discussed the ongoing violence between Israel and Hamas when Bongino attacked Rivera for bringing up the dozens of children that have been killed in the conflict, mostly Palestinian.

“Geraldo, you do this every time,” Bongino said. “This is such garbage and I’m getting sick of it. You play this emotional game with the audience and use your position of responsibility to put out misinformation…” “You know, stop attacking me, punk,” Rivera cut in while Bongino continued to speak.

“Address the issue! Do you have the guts to address the issue and not address it — this is not about me! You didn’t come on this show to attack me! You came on this show to talk about the issue! Do you have a point about the issue? I’m sick of you, Bongino! I’m sick of you! You’re a punk! You’re a punk!” Bongino laughed and responded, “You’re an out-of-control lunatic.”

Host Sean Hannity regained order, but just briefly as they began to discuss what started this latest round of violence, which Rivera, who is Jewish, contends was the Israeli raid on al-Aqsa Mosque.

“This current chapter of this ongoing violence started when Israeli cops raided the Aqsa Mosque in the old city of Jerusalem,” Rivera said. As he continued to make his point, Bongino continually interrupted and attacked Rivera’s credibility, saying that he was lying, and telling Rivera that he doesn’t know what he was talking about.

Then Rivera, who said in an earlier appearance on Fox News that the U.S. is complicit in Israel’s “crimes against humanity,” called for a ceasefire as Bongino tried to yell over him.

“Demand a ceasefire. I demand a ceasefire. I demand a ceasefire. Ceasefire now,” Rivera said. “No American weapons used to kill children. Stop it.”


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