Wow, democrats forcibly remove Senator Janet Nguyen from the senate floor!

I thought democrats strongly believed in freedom of speech…

Nope, they believe in freedom for liberal beliefs to be spoken and everyone else to just shut up. . Shouting her down and physically hauling her out of the room, says much about the nature of Democrats. They are just as bad as the dictators in third world hell-holes who abuse the people they rule over.

Senator Nguyen spoke against Senator Tom Hayden, who passed away, because of his support for the Vietnam communist regime. Nguyen and her family fled Vietnam in a small boat to get freedom from the communism. Her and her family ended up in California in 1981.

Senator Nguyen knows what she’s talking about very personally. But they didn’t want to hear it, democrats yelled at her and ended up forcibly removing her.

Watch below…

Watch the whole video below, they cut her mic as she’s speaking and then yell over her to be quiet:

Nguyen got on Twitter and posted this statement:

Now that the democrats treated her like this, the message is going to go far and wide! Thanks intolerant dems, you helped this woman spread her message.

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