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Once a year, my wife and I will do something that more people need to do if they have the ability…we go on an information detox.

We get overloaded with so much information these days that you need to do it every so often. What we do is we load up our camper for about a two week trip to a campground we have been going to for years. We have a solar hookup and all that so we can pretty much go anywhere. We leave our phones at home and have a prepaid phone w/ a select number of minutes on it and only six people have the number.

If we want to watch something on television, we have an external drive with all of our favorite shows that we plug into the TV. We don’t have an antenna hooked up to the TV, and we don’t watch any current news at all. We go completely off the grid info-wise.

My wife suggested this when one time she was watching the news and said that if she heard one of those people lie to her she was going to lose her mind.

It’s pretty hard to get along these days with people out and out lying to you on the news.

Beijing Biden continues to advance his America last agenda with the help of the mainstream media like ABC News and it’s sickening propaganda.

ABC News has continuously been putting out fluff pieces skimming over Joe Biden’s inappropriate relationship with China and the massive amounts of money his family has received.

Even though President Trump is technically not in office any longer, the mainstream media still has an uncanny obsession with him and reports slander daily and paint Biden as a hero.

“Biden and his team are fashioning an approach that’s optimistic in its assumptions about Washington — and potentially at odds with his inaugural emphasis on unity. Their hope is that addressing the pandemic through fast, bold action will lead to a broader national healing — even as President Donald Trump’s impeachment proceedings consume legislative attention,” Bias ABC reports.

Biden has wasted no time in destroying all the great work Trump accomplished over the last four years.

“On Inauguration Day, President-elect Biden will sign roughly a dozen actions to combat the four crises, restore humanity to our immigration system, and make government function for the people,” soon-to-be White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain described in a memo earlier this month.

Despite promising to not end fracking, Biden has done just like in the first few days in office which has cost Americans thousands of jobs.

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