Mitch McConnell got some career ending bad news during a dinner with top Republican donors last night. When he was called out to billionaire Robert Day’s house in Los Angeles, McConnell knew it was not good.

According to several people at the dinner, the conversation started getting very heated until finally oil and gas investor Thomas Wachtell stood up from the table and shouted at McConnell: “Just Do Something!”

Yes. This is how we all feel. Of course, that was not the end of the conversation. Now, according to Wachtell, many of the normal Republican donors are refusing to fund the incumbents because of how disappointing they have been.

Thomas Wachtell actually spoke to Politico after the story had come out, telling them:

‘Anybody who was there knew that I was not happy. And I don’t think anybody was happy. How could you be?’

‘You’re never going to get a more sympathetic Republican than I am, but I’m sick and tired of nothing happening.’ 

Look, I agree with Wachtell. Our incumbents generally suck. Frankly, even plenty of the ones who HAVE been helping still aren’t worth keeping around. Would anyone be sad to see Lindsey Graham replaced?

Just because you vote Republican does NOT mean you have to vote for incumbents. That’s why we need all y’all to go out and vote during the Republican primaries. That way, we can come together to beat the Dems again in 2018. Oh, and share this out to every other Republican voter you know.

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