One 15-year-old girl from Russia loved sharing her image on social media. She would take selfies whenever the mood struck her, which was often, and then share them via her phone with her friends, followers, and the world at large. But Karina Baymukhambetova was killed when she stepped in front of a speeding train in Orsk to get the best selfie of her life.

Moments after she told her relative to “be afraid of nothing in life,” the train slammed into the teenager and left her body “cut to pieces” in the devastating aftermath.

Although the conductor of the train applied the emergency brake, there was not enough time for the large, speeding train to stop before it slammed into the teenage school girl. Karina was “cut into pieces” that day on the train tracks in Orsk, Orenburg when she sacrificed her life to stand in front of a freight train to get the selfie.

Karina was with her relative when she stepped out into the tracks for the photo opportunity. The relative warned her that it was dangerous, but she didn’t listen to him, instead urging him to be brave and to be “afraid of nothing.”

According to a report from local media: “The train driver spotted people on the railway line and sounded his horn. He applied the train’s emergency brakes but failed to stop the train in time to avoid a tragedy. The boy managed to jump away, but the girl was not so lucky and was hit by the train, which cut her body into pieces.”

Because the little girl died because of her vanity, social media published an outpouring of grief and sadness for her loss. It was such a sad and unexpected thing for them to learn about Karina.

A friend of the deceased school girl, Anastasia Meshkova wrote, “We remember, we love, we grieve.”

Another friend, Lena Dzyuba wrote, “Such grief. How her mother cried, my heart almost broke into pieces. So awful.”

The police are wondering if they need to open a criminal case into the death of the teenage girl. However, the true tragedy seems to be Karina’s desire to capture a selfie, which ultimately inspired her to go into a dangerous place and risk her life for social media acceptance and fame.

Transport senior police youth liaison inspector Denis Khnykin told parents of Russian children: “I ask you to pay your attention once again and to warn your relatives. Please remind them of the fact that railways are dangerous both for your health and life.”

Although Russian authorities have placed warning signs on train tracks, young Russians are risking their lives to get better selfies than their friends. They want to impress people and know that standing on the track as a speeding train approached would get a lot of “likes” on social media platforms.

However, such risk is simply not worth it as Karina’s parents have made clear.

In another incident, a fourteen-year-old Russian youth received electric shocks while trespassing on train tracks to get a better photo opportunity.


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  1. OLD wolf

    It’s a shame , she is a very pretty young lady with a chance of a great life ahead . But to take chances like that for a pic ??? Please stop doing this crazy stuff . You see how it ended for this young lady . It’s not worse it

  2. Sharon

    She was very pretty… too bad she didn’t seem to have a lick of sense! There is no need for an investigation, there is no one to blame but herself. I don’t know how many cars were on that train, nor how fast it was going, but a loaded coal train running at 35 mph takes over 2 miles to stop. Anyone stepping in front of a moving train must have a death wish because that is what they are asking for. You DON’T play chicken with a locomotive!
    My heart goes out to the crew of that train. I’ve seen first hand the emotional toll something like this takes on them, yet there is nothing they can do to “fix stupid”. This girl was a very selfish, self centered individual. She never thought about how her actions would affect others around her, including family, friends and strangers she had never met but would involve.

  3. James

    She was blessed with natural beauty to protect her from her lack of intelligence. She overstepped her boundary. How sad. jwstx

  4. Daniel from TN

    Her death was a needless tragedy, but it was not in vain. Her death will also serve as an example to others to not risk their life just for the sake of vanity.

  5. Jesse

    Sad story but STUPIDITY is the cause of her death. Anyone who steps on a set of tracks or a road for that matter without looking to insure it is safe is just being STUPID. Now has this been about a little child of say 6 or less then it would be a tragic event. Since she was 15 and should have been told long ago about checking first before crossing such things she just helped remove her strain of IGNORANT DNA from the gene pool.


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