Muslim man claims that it’s “culturally acceptable” in his home country after raping a boy.

Mufiz Rahaman, a refugee in Sydney, Australia, claimed that he didn’t know he was doing anything wrong when he raped a 10 year old boy because it is a normal thing that happens in his country. He says that he didn’t know this act was sexual assault.


From The Gateway Pundit:

Mufiz Rahaman told Sydney’s Downing Centre Court raping children was not seen as morally wrong in his native Myanmar when he pleaded guilty to the aggravated sexual assault of a 10-year-old refugee on Wednesday, the Daily Telegraph reported.

The 20-year-old and his young victim are both stateless Rohingya Muslims – a group of people considered illegal immigrants from Bangladesh by the Buddhist-majority in Myanmar – who came to Australia to flee religious persecution.

The court heard Rahaman preyed on the young boy while he was living with a group of refugees, including his father, at a vacant RSL club in Lakemba, a suburb in Sydney’s south west, on January 8, 2015.

The raping of children being “culturally acceptable” to them should be reason enough to keep these types of beliefs away from OUR children by keeping them OUT of our country! A long jail sentence for rape is a culturally acceptable punishment in the US. You can be a punching bag for the bad men in prison who despise child molesters and rapists.

Is he in his home country? No. Did he try to assimilate? Apparently not. If he had, he would know that rape is not acceptable in this country. So he has no excuse. He broke the law. End of story. The saddest part is that this 20 year old man probably grew up being raped by men too. The cycle continues…

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    • William G Munson

      Did they tell him ignorant is not a excuse and that he is not in his own Country and they should not be in another country bringing their belief to it Period hang his you Neck

  1. OLD wolf

    What the hell is wrong with these rats . Just cause he’s a queer who rapes little boys it’s ok ? Hope they take a fence to this crap down under , and kill the rat

  2. Leslie Fish

    These thugs must be kept out of any civilized country. If they get in, deport them back to where they came from. If they commit serious felonies, execute them; that will make the rest more willing to put up with deportation.

  3. Sharon

    If/When he gets out of prison, he needs to be deported back to his country of origin/citizenship. He obviously does NOT belong in a civilized country. His reasoning is just an excuse to try and get out of serving time for his crime against a child.

  4. Bruce Walters

    Send this pedophile back to his home country, but leave the dick here. Or better yet, put this baby raper in prison, and let the GP know what he did.


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