Strong remarks made by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis against violent protests today saying he wants the BLM/Antifa protesters to stay out of Florida or face consequences.

Governor DeSantis also announced his state will be providing police officers, firefighters, and paramedics with $1,000 bonuses and called it “Fund the Police” instead of the left’s “Defund the Police.” Governor DeSantis is putting his money where his mouth is with this move.

DeSantis proudly announced that the bonus checks would be part of the state budget he intends to sign into law.

“Some want to defund the police. We’re funding the police and then some,”

He also made it clear that he supports peaceful protests but refuses to put up with violent protests like the ones in Seattle and Portland. He mentioned that he called out the National Guard as soon as people got violent and made the point that those who are most harmed by a spike in crime are the most vulnerable people. (Video below)

Watch it here:  NewsNow from Fox/Youtube

Flordia Governor Ron DeSantis has been doing one thing after another to prove he’s a great leader who puts the people of his state first. This is why there is a buzz about Governor DeSantis running for higher office. President Trump recently met with DeSantis making the buzz even louder about a Trump/DeSantis ticket.

Governor DeSantis made another great move on Wednesday to support law enforcement, saying he’ll give each person serving a bonus of $1,000. This is a clever take on the left’s “Defund the Police” movement, but it’s “FUND the Police” instead. One thing about DeSantis is he’s not afraid to go toe to toe with the left, unlike many Republicans.

“Some want to defund the police. We’re funding the police and then some.”

The entire statement is in the video here: Fox 4 Now/Youtube

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