When New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo began facing calls to resign over allegations of sexual harassment, billboard messages, rallies and social-media posts suddenly appeared in support of him.

Women are a tool they use when they want to destroy someone with false accusations and nothing more. Believe the women? When have liberals ever believed the women when they accuse Democratic men of being sexual predators? If you believe for even one second that liberals care about women in the least, you are a sap.

Pamela Morley, the moderator of a pro-Cuomo website is threatening all of the women he has attacked.

This is what Morley said on Twitter:

“The Women of New York and this Country see through your lies…We are coming for you and the rest of our Governor’s accusers….We won’t let you get away with this…Just know that.”

I remember my Father’s saying, “If one man calls you a horse, just forget about it. If two people call you a horse, stop and think about it. If three men call you a horse, put on your saddle and shut up about it.” Cuomo now has at least eight people calling him a horse but fortunately, he has fans like Morley who sport a vacancy sign between her ears. The phone is ringing but there is no one at home.

Morley, 41, was profiled in The Wall Street Journal on Sunday over her involvement in the Facebook page, “Women for Governor Cuomo,” which has a minuscule membership of only 1,000 people. She and the members of her group have raised in excess of $30,000 that they have used for billboards and other items in defense of the sexual predator in Albany.

Excerpt from Fox News reports:

“I guess a lot of people just don’t give a s— if the governor of New York abuses women,” Boylan wrote on Twitter on March 22.

“Oh we do…That’s IF he was abusing people…BUT he’s not so…What we do care about is LIARS trying to accuse him without evidence and and trying to get others to do so as well just for political gain…How much are you getting paid for all this? Honest question,” Morley responded on March 23.

“If 81+ Million People can take down Lying Trump….8+ Million People can take down Lying Lindsey Boylan and her accusers,” Morley tweeted on March 23.

“You’re a liar who just needs attention for political gain….Where were you during the #MeToo Movement if you were “harassed so bad? And now you won’t cooperate? And want to go after everyone who won’t side with you? BECAUSE YOU ARE LIEING!” Morley wrote on Twitter on March 23.

Sources: David Harris jr., The Wall Street Journal, Fox News

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  1. Lisa

    just because you say it, doesn’t mean it is true…you people who are defending him are just brain dead and I CAN’T BELIEVE he was put in charge of convid for MR. biden


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