Numerous male actors are joining Harvey Weinstein in the hot seat for sexual harassment, with the newest being the liberal king of environmentalist issues, George Clooney.

Back in the younger days of Clooney’s career a break through role came to him in the form of a doctor on the hit TV series ‘ER.’ One of Clooney’s costars, Vanessa Marquez, has decided to come forward in light of the Harvey Weinstein scandal and reveal that one of the major celebrities defending Weinstein happens to also be guilty of the same inappropriate behavior. Marquez claims that Clooney, upon voicing her concerns about intended sexual harassment on the set, helped blacklist her from the show because she wasn’t willing to ‘play the game’ expected of young and easily manipulated up and coming actresses. Marquez believes her personal loss of an acting career came at the hands of Clooney and the other male actors who refused to accept her chances at stardom if she wasn’t willing to be used while keeping her ‘pretty’ mouth shut.

Via Breitbart:

George Clooney has been accused of helping “blacklist” an actress after she complained of sexual and racial harassment.

“Clooney helped blacklist me when I spoke up [about] harassment on ER,” claimed ER actress Vanessa Marquez in a post on Twitter. “Women who dont play the game lose career… I did.”

“He’s not who he pretends [to be],” added Marquez in another post. “Wells, NBC, Amblin, WB, cast & crew & my agents all complicit in my #Blacklist [for] speaking UP in ’95”

After one user expressed their shock that Clooney would be accused of covering up sexual harassment, Marquez replied, “He’s a monster in his own way… Everyone should know The Truth About Clooney.”

Marquez also accused actor Eriq La Salle and crew member Terence Nightingall of being “pussy grabbers,” and claimed cast members Anthony Edwards, Noah Wyle, and Julianna Margulies racially harassed her.

And the floodgates of misconduct have open.

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    George, damn! Agnostics make all the big mistakes. The Bible makes it very plain, “YOU SINS WILL FIND YOU OUT!”


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