NBC’s Saturday Night Live (SNL) anchor Michael Che is now under fire after a horrific joke about members of Congress gang-raping Roger Stone’s wife, who is battling cancer.

We know SNL has been little more than a leftist propaganda machine for a few decades. Until, recently the show has slipped a gear and come out as a little mini mafia, complete with a murder named Alex Baldwin, and now televised threats of violence against a woman who is recovering from Cancer after watching her husband dragged through the courts and persecuted by his political opponents.

Michael Che addressed Roger Stone’s legal battles with Congress’ partisan January 6 commission in Saturday’s episode.

“Trump advisor Roger Stone, who draws his glasses on with a sharpie, refused to cooperate with the committee investigating the January 6th attacks — though Stone said he would be open to sitting in the corner watching the committee take turns on his wife,” Che said.

Excerpt from Breitbart report:

Nydia Stone has been diagnosed with Stage 3 cancer, which has spread to her lungs, a family representative announced earlier this year. In April, the Biden Justice Department sued Stone and his wife, claiming the couple owes about $2 million in federal income taxes.

Last month, Che used his “Weekend Update” segment to mock Kyle Rittenhouse, stating, “hopefully he got all of that shooting out of his system before he becomes a cop.”

This woke Saturday live show has been struggling with weak ratings this season because they have been mixing leftist propaganda in their show.

Breitbart said in their report that the season premiere in October saw its rating collapse by about 50 percent, with a subsequent episode featuring host Rami Malek and musical guest Young Thug also scraping the bottom of the barrel.

Sources: 100percentfedup, Politico, Breitbart

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