When it comes to bizarre and unusual things, America has plenty of it – even Joe Biden has a lot to offer on the table though, and here is another bizarre story.

Jennifer Mulford and her boyfriend Brad Leeson have developed a bizarre relationship to the point that She needs to quit her job to breastfeed his boyfriend FULL TIME because Leeson cannot get enough of the breastmilk from her.

Jennifer has quit her job so she could dedicate her breasts to this bizarre lifestyle at all hours of the day. Although she no longer works a regular job, Mulford doesn’t just sit around waiting for her boyfriend to come back home with the bread. NO. She has to work very hard to maintain her body in just a way so that she continues to produce breastmilk for him to consume on-demand.

For the sake of getting more milk for her beloved boyfriend, Mulford spends hours milking herself with her hand and with a pump and taking supplements for her diet with items that help her produce more breastmilk, for example, oatmeal and flax seeds and she also said that she takes over the counter items like Lactiful.

Some say that the couple is having a kinky sex life but this was debunked by Mulford saying that they are not into any weird role-playing. The only “bizarre” thing they do is the breastmilk thing, which in some circles is considered very weird.

Weird though is that Mulford claims that feeding Brad not only feels good but also helps him make “other women feel jealous of what [she has].”

However, Mulford claims that her relationship with Brad is about the same as it was when her daughter was born about twenty years ago. Although that child was from the fruit of her womb – and Brad is her sexual partner – she doesn’t seem to think it is anything to scoff at.

You can watch the video below to learn more about the strange relationship and commitment to breastfeeding.

Watch it here: Youtube/InformOverload

Here are a few reactions from netizens, “This is like my husband’s dream come true, Too bad I can’t stand the feeling of my boobs being touched.”

What two consenting adults do behind closed doors – as long as no one is hurt – is no one’s business but theirs. Adult breastfeeding relationships are not common, but neither are they as rare as you think.

Source: American Web Media

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    I wonder if that congressman (buttigieg) home on “paternity leave” does it with his husband


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