The gas shortage in Britain has not only caused people to be stuck at home but may have caused mayhem.

Recently, Gavin Rabbitt was waiting to fill up his car’s gas tank at a station when he witnessed a woman filling up two 1.5 liter water bottles with fuel.

Rabbitt knew that the bottle was not a safe way to transport gasoline and could be at risk of melting or exploding.

He said in a statement, “I thought, ‘I can’t believe the stupidity of this woman.’ This is the kind of thing that causes the problem, People were filling up things they shouldn’t be filling up, and no one else can get the fuel because of other people’s stupidity. The queue was all the way down the slip road. We were queuing for about 20 to 30 minutes. She was all blasé and doing it right in front of me. It’s ludicrous.”

Due to several factors, the gas shortage in the United Kingdom has been a crisis recently.

The United Kingdom has been forced to ration gasoline for motorists after poor weather conditions caused panic among energy traders who feared there would not be enough fuel available through National Grid’s pipelines into storage depots.

But the Government has already deployed a £22 million diesel generator to provide emergency power for hospitals and other essential users in East Anglia in response to the growing crisis.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson also announced that he would be visiting Germany’s key oil hubs of Rotterdam and Antwerp this week to discuss ways to mitigate the crisis with European Union leaders but this will take a while before anything would change.

Britain’s biggest supermarket chain Tesco said it would be limiting fuel purchases at most of its gas stations because availability from suppliers is limited as the gas shortage has been severe that the government of Britain has urged people to stop using their dryers and dishwashers until further notice.

Many initiatives have been made to somehow ease the pressure of the situation where an app was created to give drivers a warning if prices at nearby stations are beginning to rise.

Source: American Web Media

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