Her daughter was still recovering from surgery and she was told to accompany her but what happened next got her into big trouble.

This makes me sick! Where’s humanity?

Lynn Savage, a 70-year-old woman was arrested and have to spend a “terrifying” night in a Florida jail just because she refused to leave her hospitalized daughter alone after visiting hours.

She got arrested and has been charged with misdemeanor trespassing and has pleaded not guilty and spent 24 hours in jail.

Savage confirmed the incident through a local CBS affiliate WJAX that she had spent more than 12 hours at UF Health North on Oct. 4 to support her daughter, who was recovering from brain surgery.

It started when the doctor requested Savage to come into her daughter’s room in the ICU to try and help her calm down after the surgery.

Savage said in a statement:

“As soon as I approached the bedside, she was fine and with all these people talking and all these things going on and she doesn’t understand it and not being able to talk, she was just frantic.”

“I arrived around 6:30 am and I could not in good conscience and good heart leave her bedside, not knowing how she was going to make it through the night voluntarily and I stand by my actions 100%. I am not sorry that I made them take me out of there in handcuffs.”

B.S. Crocker wrote in the report, “I explained the reason security called the police for the trespass warning and she understood completely why the police were called … she stated she understood but would have to be removed by force.”

Crocker said that Savage was “cooperative” when she was arrested.

“Once escorted outside the hospital, I pleaded for Ms. Savage to come to reason, leave and return in the morning when visitation opened at 0900 hours, She refused for the principle that if something happens to her daughter Amber, she was forced to leave her side.” Officer Crocker added.

WJAX reported that Ms. Savage’s daughter is non-verbal and partially paralyzed on her right side after suffering a stroke. Savage was there not only to support her daughter but to act as her interpreter.

Savage, who served as a deputy sheriff in Stark County, Ohio before retiring, told Crocker that she “would have to be removed by force,” according to the arrest report.

“Not an experience that I would ever want to do again for the rest of my life, not ever. It was horrible, it was filthy, it was more like an insane asylum with the women screaming and hollering and banging on bars and banging on walls. It was just terrifying, but I would rather be there than know that I had walked away from my daughter.” Ms. Lynn said in a statement.

Law&Crime reached out to Savage’s attorney but did not hear back in time for publication.

Her next court hearing is scheduled for Oct. 20.

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Watch it here: Youtube/Action News Jax

Sources: Law and Crime, CBS WJAX

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