United States Army lieutenant colonel, Alex Vindman is shifting his career in the field that nobody even dared to support him.

And why would people support him? I mean he doesn’t deserve it.

He appeared several times during Trump’s first impeachment trial as a traitor.

And after being known during that impeachment trial, he’s now writing a book.

Just like the other traitors, he’s also writing a book and now expecting to be paid after he had done.

Anyways, why would we even care about what this guy has to say?

I’m certain that Vindman also asked himself about it – In fact, he just posted on Twitter that New Yorkers are “unaware” that his book comes out this Tuesday.

No one wants your book, not just the New Yorkers but many Americans don’t care either.

“I’m in NYC to begin media engagements. Taking a random poll, it seems most New Yorkers are unaware that my book is out on Tuesday, August 3, and that I’m on @CBSSunday tomorrow between 9 and 10 eastern. Help get the word out and retweet this far and wide!”

How pathetic right? Another loser riding Trump’s coattails.

You almost feel bad for the guy…well almost…not really. He deserves to flop.

And Dinesh D’Souza just dug the knife in even deeper with this hilarious tweet:

“Alexander Vindman’s self-image takes a blow as he comes to the dismaying discovery that most people don’t know his book is coming out, and many don’t even know who he is”

I’m wondering how this man can write a book about his own “life experience” that there’s really nothing to know about him, well aside from being a traitor that one thing is very interested about him but I don’t think he’ll include that part of his life. I mean who would dare?

There’s no way that this book will become “best sellers.” Let’s just wait for a while then we can see pages from his book at the bargain bin for 25 cents and use it to line your cat’s litter box.

Source: Wayne Dupree

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  1. neo

    HOW is a lying traitor supposed to get paid, if he can’t promote his “best selling book” that nobody buys?….How can he “hide ” his millions in “royalties” for each book sold if nobody knows that he has written a book?….EVEN if the “Keystone Cops” (FBI/DOJ….Amerika’s KGB) discover large amounts of money being funneled to him for his job on the stand….will they question him?….Will Merrick Garland, the self proclaimed professor of law/the part time 10th supreme court justice , discovers that a fellow “deep stater” has committed treason ….will he bring up charges or is he too busy trying to stop those who are standing in the way of the future democrat voters/victims from crossing the Rio Grande?….just a few questions that need to be asked….


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