Nowadays, politicians have to become pretentious, even to the point that it made them more likely despicable people. And one of these shameless politicians is Tery McAuliffe.

I bet Hillary must be proud of him.

Now, McAuliffe is planning to run as Virginia governor and to fit in the state that he never grew… Seriously?

In fact, he recently met with the “country folk,” and talked like a country bumpkin.

We all know that Terry McAuliffe was born and raised in Syracuse, New York, and lived his life in the DC swamp.

Well, this type of phony thing is no longer surprise when we talk about McAuliffe. Just remember his fake barbeque video during the 4th of July celebration where he hardly tried to flipped barbeques while holding an unopened canned beer and while wearing a US flag shirt that is fresh from the package.

Can we still say at this point that he’s still a normal guy like us? Please enlighten me.

And now just like what he normally does to make an impression hilariously, he’s doing it again. This time taking a cue from his good friend Hillary and pandering with a terrible fake accent.

Below are the comments coming from the people online:

“Why do you suddenly have a southern twang? is everything you do, including your BBQs, fake?”

“What the heck is with the accent? LOL”

“You are so nauseatingly fake. Providence? Went up that thing like a squirrel? Gunna go huntn tomorry morn? Did Hillary teach you how to be a pandering fraud, or does it just come naturally to you?”


“Maybe they can help you get that grill started.”

“Wow, that “these folks are providin’ all the electricity” in the first 10 seconds is absolutely absurd. Picked it up in the DC suburbs?”

If we were still in the 90s maybe this type of video will still work and people might still believe him. But come on with this social media time now people can no longer be deceived using this type of fake videos coming from a politician who is trying very hard to the point he looks like a fool. Give me a break!

Source: Wayne Dupree

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