John Wayne’s daughters are speaking out to defend his legacy after cancel culture targeted comments he made in a 1971 Playboy interview.

Throughout his career, Wayne brought joy to millions of people with his various Hollywood roles. However, the start has become the target of cancel culture after the 1971 interview he did with Playboy Magazine resurfaced yet again.

In the interview, Wayne made some controversial comments about race and morality.

He said during that time:

I believe in white supremacy until the Blacks are educated to a point of responsibility.

I don’t believe in giving authority and positions of leadership and judgment to irresponsible people.

The family has rallied around his memory and is fighting to keep the legend strong.

It was in the year 1971 when John Wayne is on the cusp of making remarks that will be turning heads more than 35 years after his death. On-screen his characters are noted for equal treatment and fair play; regardless of nationality, religion, creed, or anything else.

However, no one in his family expected that his old statement will cause quite a stir in social media.

Marissa and Alissa, have countered with a few comments of their own in response to the people who want to destroy his legacy. Both daughters praise their fathers’ ability to treat people fairly. To understand the difference of opinion, did not mean that he did not respect the person who gave it.

Wayne’s family, especially his daughters, don’t feel that their father’s character should be judged solely from this interview.

Defending her dad’s legacy, Marisa Wayne said in a statement:

“He had his opinions, but he respected you if you disagreed with him. He had an ability to see both sides of the story.”

Her sister, Aissa Wayne, also agreed that their dad ‘loved people,’ and insisted he was always a ‘people person.’ 

“He cared about his fellow human beings. I think that really was a big feature about him,” she said.

Furthermore, his son Ethan insisted that their fathers’ had considerable respect for their fellow men.

“He called out bigotry when he saw it. He hired and worked with people of all races, creeds, and sexual orientations. John Wayne stood for the very best for all of us…”

It’s sad that cancel culture is trying to erase him, and destroy what he means to the legions of fans who still love him to this day.

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2 Responses

  1. DRLJR

    When one looks at what has been going on for the last 50 years the Black community has been destroying itself with the active help of “Progressives”. But the “Progressives” don’t want people to notice what they have been doing to Blacks and other groups. So when one take John’s comment in context it makes sense. Learn what “White” have been actively promoting over the years – equality, responsibility, standing on one’s own, learning. That is what he was referencing. But the “Progressives” or “The Woke Culture” wants conformity – regardless of the damage it does to the individual, society, or group of people. Look at what Blacks, as a group, have lost since they sided with the “Progressives” since the 1970s.

  2. Original Anna

    Well, John Wayne got it right didn’t he. Biden is a good example, he is irresponsible and he is given the presidency through fraud and he doesn’t care how he got it. You see these govts like CA, NY Chicago being run by irresponsible people and the voters have a chance to get rid of them and they vote to put them back in. Well John Wayne and I don’t believe in giving power to irresponsible people like the democrats we have now in positions where they have power over those living under them. So, what is wrong with that statement of John Wayne. Nothing but the logical truth of people who actually think for themselves. As for the remark about white supremacy in control until blacks get educated, well since the democrats who created the KKK meaning the democrats are and have been white supremacists they have been keeping control by making sure blacks don’t get educated, until now. Blacks from the WWII on were getting educated despite poor education legislation by politicians. And notice blacks are being given more power through voting them into positions by whites because they are going through college getting the same degrees as whites. There is nothing wrong with education being necessary for leadership especially with a plus by being responsible. John Wayne hit it on the button in the language of that day. Now the language is get an education so you can move your life forward no matter what color or ethic you are. That man was sure smarter than the people criticizing him, why, those doing the criticizing don’t want blacks educated, they want them aborted and they don’t want the truth about what was and is going on by the democrats in this govt to be out in the open. They are nothing but hateful power hungry people who are really into keeping blacks down and using abortion and education to do so. John Wayne hit on exposing this and these criticizers are pissed he did it. They thought they saw a way to attack a cultural icon to destroy another statue of American history and it has backfired on them. Love You John Wayne.


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