Hunter Biden and the media slammed by actor Jon Voight for Hunter’s use of the N-word in text messages, subsequently praising former President Donald Trump for leading the country with “dignity” while he was in the White House.

“What is this, a race? A war?” Voight said in a roughly two-minute video posted on social media Sunday. “The left — they’re OK with slurs. It’s OK for Biden’s son to use racist slurs, and no one says a word, not the media — no one.”

“Why was it OK to beat down President Trump with cruel intention against his beautiful family?” he asked.

He said the Trump family faced harassment while Trump was in the White House but added Hunter Biden is not scrutinized by the media despite being a “poor pity of a man.”

“Why was it OK to constantly harass them [the Trump family] for what they, the Left, accused them of being racist when Biden’s son is the lowest human being, a poor pity of a man who’s not well, who’s done wrong,” he said.

According to a report released last Tuesday, Hunter Biden used the N-word multiple times in text messages with his white attorney. In addition, Hunter’s laptop is said to contain a meme depicting his father and former President Barack Obama, including a racist slur.

The mainstream media has largely ignored the bombshell report, despite a history of calling for the cancellation of individuals who have done the same, and despite having breathlessly reported baseless rumors for years that a tape existed of President Trump saying the N-word.

Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump, the adult sons of former President Trump, reacted to the revelations by noting that corporate media ignoring the story would have called for their heads if they were guilty of a similar offense.

From there, Voight went on to add some kind words for Donald Trump and noted that he hoped Trump would be reelected.

Jon Voight makes an excellent point. How is it that Donald Trump can be endlessly accused of racism and people like Paula Deen, Megyn Kelly & Morgan Wallen can be smeared as racists for doing less than Hunter Biden, while Joe Biden’s son gets a complete pass for the sort of behavior that would destroy anyone the Left didn’t want to protect? Why is there such a double standard?

This leads to one easy answer.

Racism does exist and some people get genuinely offended by it when they see it, but 95% of accusations of racism that you hear are just people trying to game you. They’re trying to smear their political enemies, get attention for themselves or make money. There are quite a few people on the Left whose entire career is based around calling people racist. If they stopped doing that, they’d have to get a real job. Those people aren’t genuinely offended by what Hunter Biden said and it’s politically inconvenient to criticize him, so they feel okay with giving him a pass. In other words, it’s almost all race hustling. It’s almost all a game and until most of us start rolling our eyes instead of playing along, they’ll keep playing it.

Sources: The Dan Bongino Show, Washington Examiner, Breitbart

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