Christopher Sign, 45, broke a story about Bill Clinton meeting then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch in 2016 while she was probing the private email server of the former president’s wife.

He later went on to pen a book about the secret meeting in 2019, Secret on the Tarmac.

Boebert, a Colorado representative who has been linked to QAnon conspiracy theories in the past, shared a clip of Sign discussing threats he got after publishing the book on Fox News.

Now, Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-FL) is under fire for a tweet she posted about Sign’s death in which she called out what she described as the “Clinton crime syndicate.”

Robert just made the “Clinton Body Count” a mainstream thing!

“Why is it that so many who cross the Clinton Crime Syndicate end up dead?” she tweeted.

Sign was the first to report on President Clinton’s meeting with Lynch back in 2016 on her private jet at Phoenix airport amid the ongoing investigation into whether Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server while Secretary of State was illegal.

Days after the meeting, the FBI chose not to bring criminal charges against Hillary.

Sign revealed in an interview with Fox News back in February last year that he and his family received death threats and his credit cards were hacked in the aftermath.

‘My family received significant death threats shortly after breaking this story,’ Sign said in the interview to promote his book, titled ‘Secret on the Tarmac’, about the meeting.
Sign said he and his wife Laura had prepared their three young children in case something happened by giving them ‘secret code words’, adding that ‘they know what to do’.

‘That’s why I came back to… Birmingham because when I was enduring the death threats it was my former Alabama football family – my teammates, my coaches – who circled around me.’

The story that led to the death threats had alleged that Clinton and Lynch met on her private jet to speak about the email investigation into Hillary amid the 2016 election campaign.

Clinton and Lynch later claimed it was an impromptu friendly chat.
‘We knew something had occurred that was a bit unusual. It was a planned meeting. It was not a coincidence,’ Sign said in an interview about the meeting.

Donald Trump tweeted at the time his story broke: ‘Does anybody really believe that Bill Clinton and the U.S.A.G. talked only about ‘grandkids’ and golf for 37 minutes in the plane on tarmac?’

After news of the meeting broke, Lynch was required to outline what happened to then-Justice Department Inspector Michael Horowitz and to lawmakers behind closed doors on Capitol Hill.

Hillary has previously opened up about the rumors of a “Clinton crime syndicate.”

“It’s hurtful. I’ll be really honest with you,” she once told The Independent of these theories. “It’s hurtful not just to me and my family, but to my friends and other people to know that this is not just false, but sometimes painfully false.”

Sources: Wayne Dupree, The US Sun, The Independent, Daily Mail

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  1. J R

    Too many mysterious deaths connected to the Clinton’s to all be merely coincidence.

    • Wyatt

      How true . It is amazing how they always manage to avoid investigation of anything or escape any serious investigation when all evidence points in their direction

  2. marc

    Clintons are dead, but their support, the FREEMASONS, continue their attack against the world just so they can have power and control… and satan is their light! The devils greatest advocates, make NO mistake about it! My father was one, explaining why my family never had a real Dad… one who could be loved and also had love to share, not my dad, or ANY FREEMASON that I know or have ever heard about! Without Freemasons’ there would be FAR fewer DEMONRATS, nobody to feed them…


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