Demented Joe can’t really control his urges even in public… Just look at Jill’s face… She had enough of this hypocrite photo ops show…

Well, it’s not new to us how creep Joe Biden was when it comes to women and kids. It’s all over the news and it’s well-documented.

Creepy maniac may it sounds but Joe Biden has a lot of history nuzzling women and young girls, and “sniffing” their hair and necks. There are lots of photos and videos that can prove it.

Do you still remember the 2020 campaign period?  When Biden inappropriately “touching” and disrespecting the “private space” of a group of women in the parade.

They actually came forward and said Biden made them feel uncomfortable. Then, Joe made light of it, claiming he’s just a “touchy-feely” person and that’s how he shows affection.

No! He’s a total creep.

And this photo from back when Biden ran for president (when he lost to Obama in the primary), shows just how creepy his advances are.

Just look at how uncomfortable Jill Biden looks, as Biden pulls his “signature move” on her…and that was his wife.

Here are some of the comments from folks online:


“picture worth a thousand words – for all to see.”

“How much you wanna bet he is whispering “I need my butt wiped””

“this is super creepy.”

“One of Joe’s first victims” 

“Jill Biden has known all along what type of monster her husband is, but she just lets him run wild” 

“She’ll put up with anything, all Jill cares about is power.” 

“Nobody wants a demented old man rubbing drool and old man breath into their hair.”

Joe Biden has always been a predator.

Jill has always known what type of man her husband is…and just like Hilaly, she’s made excuses for him, just so she can continue riding his coattails.

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  1. Original Anna

    Jill doesn’t care what biden really does because she would have herself or a man standing along side of biden between him and women and kids. People in nursing homes have to control senile men all the time as they lose control of their minds and bad actions kept in control when their minds worked correctly come out. Jill can do the same thing, she doesn’t care as long as she gets to trip around as the president’s wife and everybody complains about what Melanie did as duties of a president’s wife, what the hell has jill done, nothing to help anybody. She doesn’t even read books to kids and if she did it would be a book about being homosexual, you know the “gay” book for kids showing up in school and public libraries for kids. Jill isn’t much of a wife because if she were, biden wouldn’t be president,
    his embarrassments would be kept home.

    • Bubbelove

      I totally agree. She is a disgrace for allowing her husband to publicly show his
      dementia, especially as president (small p intentional) who is running our great county down. She knows, and knew, what she was doing and allowed her husband to be humiliated. She should have put her foot down and not allowed this; however, I think that being first lady was above anything else. I would never have done that to my husband, he has Alzheimer’s, so I know what I am talking about. You don’t humiliate someone you love. You protect them.


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