This might be just a theory but it’s the closest thing that happened to the tragic and fiery death of young Harrison Deal.

Finally, Sidney Powell is making waves again…a lot of them, this time.

Sidney Powell a well-known theorist just dropped a bombshell theory on the podcast of pastor Andrew Wommack.

I know we all can recall this tragic death, it was all over the news when Brian Kemp’s daughter’s boyfriend was killed in a tragic and very fiery crash.

Harrison Deal, a 20-year-old who was killed in a three-car accident on 4 December while on his way to a campaign event featuring his boss, then-Senator Kelly Loeffler, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, and Vice President Mike Pence.

The young man was very political and it happened just after the controversial 2020 election… Just connect the dots…

Well, Sidney Powell has a rather stunning theory regarding the death of that young man and she shared it while chatting with conservative Pastor Andrew Wommack.

Here’s what Powell said:

“I think, what we are dealing with here is pervasive and very, very dark. It’s organized, it’s well-funded, it’s pure evil. They are willing to kill people à la Kelly Loeffler’s aide in Georgia, who was suddenly blown up in his car on the way to a rally for her. He happened to be dating Governor Kemp’s daughter. Governor Kemp was considering, I think, at that point a signature audit, and then the Georgia Bureau of Investigation agent, who was investigating that—he was suddenly dead within a week of that. And we don’t hear anything about that? We are talking about trillions of dollars of global wealth at issue here”

A very far-left account operated by a man named Ron Fillipkowksi shared the video on his Twitter account.

You can watch the video below:

It’s fair to note here that a Chatham County Grand Jury indicted Mario Demaine Clark,44, of Atlanta on April 15th and charged him with homicide by vehicle in the second degree.

Demaine was driving a Freightliner flatbed on I-16 eastbound in Chatham County on December 4, 2020, when he struck vehicles that caused the death of Harrison Deal.

My guess is that the damage and fire were so severe because a Freightliner was involved in the crash.

Again, and I have said this before – the reason that so many conspiracy theories and such are floating around out there is because of the lack of transparency and trust with the government and the media.

If they want to put an end to this type of stuff, they should be more forthcoming on a lot of fronts, beginning with the 2020 election.

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  1. J R

    Oh really? Are you just figuring this out? I don’t suppose you ever heard of the “Clinton Hit List.” What a waste of time you are Sydney. You are a member of the BLAH, BLAH, BLAH gang………all TALK and no WALK. Whatcha gonna do girl? Make some more money by getting people to sign up to your site……..appealing to conservative EMOTIONS? If you do not have some course of action that you can take to CORRECT the crimes you speak of………just go away please.


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