Folks, it didn’t used to be the norm that everyone was suddenly throwing up their hands and afraid of guns. It’s a mass hysteria that as a forty year old man I still cannot totally figure out.

When I was a kid, I lived somewhere that it was almost like finding a unicorn being ridden by a gnome if you went into the home of someone that DIDN’T own a firearm of some kind. The first two days of hunting season were school holidays. Up until one year, firearms safety was taught in schools.

Then, something changed. Liberals began to seemingly want to override the system based on how they felt at a given moment. They didn’t want to play by the rules anymore. If this was baseball, they wanted four strikes and only wanted to give us two. They want to change a system that has ran pretty darn well for over two hundred years.

Even if you are protecting your home! If liberals got their way, if you wanted to come to Tactical Shit to buy ammunition for a hunting trip for example, it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary to one day find them asking for double thumbprint, five day waiting period, shoe print, mother’s first husband’s maiden name, and a psychological exam. Whereas we here at Tactical Shit would rather you just come in, tell us what you need, give us money (either in store or online), and everyone parts as friends wishing the other a great rest of the day. We wouldn’t want Tactical Shit to become the Department of Motor Vehicles, where you have to do this complicated dance to get something renewed and then have to start over again if you are in the wrong line.

Think about this, when the rioters were walking through Mark McCloskey’s neighborhood on that fateful day in 2020. Those rioters weren’t exactly checking if a car they turned over, or a business they set on fire was owned by a Republican or a Democrat. They weren’t checking voter registration cards or party affiliation. They were doing it to destroy. As we all know, when someone is trying to destroy your property or harm you, you are well within your rights to defend yourself.

That’s all Mark McCloskey and his wonderful wife were doing on that day. It was no different than an armed guard at a military installation. He was exercising his God given rites by the Constitution of the United States. Something I hope everyone would have the ability to do, but too many states and too many liberal politicians try to make it so difficult to defend yourself.

Mark McCloskey is a man that when he is elected to the United States Senate will fight to make sure that the rules when it comes to defending yourself and your property are the same across the board and not changeable on the whims of a liberal politician that probably couldn’t hit the walls of a barn if they were standing inside of one. Mark McCloskey is a man that as we have all witness spread out over the airwaves that has absolutely no problem exercising his Second Amendment rights, and doesn’t see any reason why any American citizen should have an issue exercising theirs.

America needs Senators that are more than willing to pull a gun when it’s necessary. America needs someone that is not scared to defend themselves like so many liberal politicians, and that someone is Mark McCloskey.

Please, if you are in the great state of Missouri, vote for Mark McCloskey for the United States Senate!

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