No parent should feel that they don’t have full freedom in making life choices for their children… especially when it comes to their education.

This mother was completely run over by the government and she deserves justice!

From Allen B. West:

Ever since the Department of Education usurped the authority of parents and local communities when it comes to education, leftists have been hard at work doing their best to indoctrinate students with liberal ideology meant to turn them into statists who believe government, not the individual, holds all the answers to our problems.

This has, in turn, made the recent explosion in homsechooling the absolute enemy of big government cronies all across the land — and it looks like they are doing whatever they can to gain primary authority over our children’s minds and what’s put in it.

According to TheBlaze:

Kiarre Harris hasn’t seen her two young children in three weeks.

That’s because authorities took the single mother’s elementary school-aged kids away from her and put them in foster care — and after New York’s Buffalo Public School District acknowledged in writing to Harris that it received her letters of intent to homeschool her children.

“I felt that the district was failing my children,” she told WKBW-TV, “and that’s when I made the decision to homeschool.”

Harris showed WKBW the documents she filed at Buffalo City Hall informing the district of her intent to homeschool her children, stamped “received” on Dec. 7, 2016. She also showed the station the letter she received from the school district’s homeschooling coordinator, also dated Dec. 7.

“I spoke directly to the homeschool coordinator and she told me from this point on my children were officially un-enrolled from school,” Harris told WKBW.

But then things got strange.

Harris told the station Child Protective Services called a week later wondering why her kids weren’t in school.

“I told them that my kids were homeschooled now and that I could furnish the documents if they need to see them,” Harris told WKBW.

Then she told the station that less than a month later CPS officials and police confronted her and said they had a court order to take her children.

Harris told WKBW she asked to see the court order, and when that didn’t happen, she refused to give up her kids — so she said she was arrested for obstruction and her children were placed in foster care. But in a video Harris posted to Facebook on Jan. 18, she said she was handed a court order, noting charges of “neglect.”

Yeah, that doesn’t look like fascism or anything, right?

The government refuses to let go of this woman’s children, demanding they have the legal right to educate them, and indoctrinate them with a liberal value system, and for parents to execute their God-given responsibility to ensure their child is properly educated is somehow the political equivalent of blasphemy.

That’s because the government believes it can usurp God’s place and be our “supreme authority.” To challenge that notion is to incur its wrath.

The bottom line is parents have the right — the responsibility — to make sure their kids are educated and prepared to be well-balanced citizens in society, responsible for their own care. It isn’t the job of the government.

This should have never happened. Homeschoolers shouldn’t have to live in fear that the government will take their kids. But it is a real threat to those who don’t let their kids go and be filled with the liberal propaganda in the public school system..

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