Due to the mandatory mask-wearing in schools and universities mandated by the local school boards, a lot of parents across the country becoming concerned and now pushing back against mandatory mask-wearing.

Children have become depressed and now hate going to school because according to them their teachers and administrators are forcing them to comply with the school mask policy. This is according to the story from Mothers and fathers of how heartbreaking to see their children in this state.

In the state of Nevada, their government is considering and supporting this type of tyranny.

A series of propaganda posters have been circulated to Nevada schools by the Radical Governor Steve Sisolak. The said poster would perfectly fit a scene out of Soviet Russia and school administration will implement this to be hung around schools for K-12 students to see across the state.

Here are the 6 different fear propaganda pieces each poses a different menacing question and all end with #GetTheVax:

1.What if a vaccinated school could secure ______? 

  1. What if we end up having to sit at home another year?
  2. What if we go back to all virtual schools?
  3. What if we always have to wear a mask?
  4. What if they close schools again?
  5. It’s not too late. Until it is.

The posters pose questions that are clearly meant to prey on the children’s insecurities and scare them into keeping their masks on. Kids who have essentially ZERO risks will now be threatened that if they don’t, the whole school will shut down and they will have to miserably sit at home away from all of their peers again.

These days, after missing so much valuable time, many children’s worst fear is to be put back behind a computer for zoom classes and be in a situation where the world is locked down around them, making it so they can’t even see their friends.

Parents across the country fought hard to get schools reopened for in-person learning, but with the spread of new Covid variants threatening closures and the resurgence of restrictive policies, they are now fighting harder than ever before.

These policies are un-American and detrimental. They are kids for goodness sake. Social interaction with their peers is just as important to their development as educators.

Despite supposedly being there to be a mentor, these teachers act as if they are unaware of the damage isolation causes for young students, but something tells me they know exactly what they’re doing and that they enjoy it.

The Clark County School District officials were so eager to start pushing the propaganda that they posted a digital copy to social media before they had even received the hard copies.

The government is using your taxes to make propaganda against you. They designed it to point the blame at the most naive among us and psychologically tormenting them until they concede to progressivism.

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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  1. Lisa

    WOW NV. we voters really need to get these commies out of congress, they DO NOT REPRESENT US, WAKE THE HELL UP


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