We all know that since the beginning something is not right about Kamala Harris. Well, if you ask me, this says it all about Kamala’s agenda…

Aside from the “Hillary vibe” that she kept on showing us, there are a lot of things that seem odd about her.

Previous polls have proved that I am not the only one who observed this kind of behavior from Harris, well the majority of the Americans were able to cite it.

What I mean is that it’s like that we really don’t know this woman. There’s a hint that gives me this type of feeling every time I saw her, it’s like seeing a lady that stands off in the distance with a puckered look on her face, plotting and scheming everyone’s demise.

Just like this photo below.

What I have seen in that photo is like Kamala is just waiting for something to happen with Biden so she can make her plan to take Biden’s position.

And one very alert Trump supporter noticed something from a recent video call from Kamala’s home at the Naval Observatory, that may give us a hint into what Kamala’s plans really are.

Take a look at the photo below and see what this Trump supporter noticed about how empty her office is.

The shelves behind Kamala have absolutely nothing on them – she’s certainly not “moving right in” is she?

And as the Trump supporter points out, it doesn’t look like she plans to be there very long…

Prison Mitch  @MidnightMitch posted a reply on @redsteeze post on Twitter saying “Notice there is nothing on the shelves behind Kamala in the Naval Observatory. She’s not planning on staying there long.”

Well, if you ask me, Kamala is now preparing herself, her office, and her staff so that whenever Biden’s time is up she can evacuate quickly. On plan right?

Source: Wayne Dupree

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